Why hear The Road

Why Hear The Road

Hear The Road Tours are aimed at people who like being on a motorcycle, travelling in small groups, along roads that are fun to ride on and surrounded by beautiful things to see, following our experienced tour leaders and covering a maximum of 300 km a day, but still want to enjoy what Italy has to offer: sipping a cup of coffee at a small bar in a Medieval piazza, wondering round Renaissance cities,visiting historical venues and, once the sun has set, pulling off their boots and relaxing in a four star hotel, eating great food, enjoying a class of wine, and exploring what the local night-life has to offer.

We chose the name Hear the Road, because in Italian the word “Hear” = “ sentire”, means to feel, to touch and, obviously, to hear. And so “Hear the Road” has a double meaning for us: We hear and feel the road beneath the wheels of our bikes, and we also feel all the emotions that go with concentrating on a challenging bend, or changing gear and opening the throttle on a straight piece of road; and at the same time we also hear what is going on around us as we ride along. Cutting through the air, at one with our bike, we soak up the snatches of life that we cross while we brush past towns and villages. What we want to offer our clients is a different kind of holiday; a wonderful way to explore Italy: on a bike, with throttle, heart and eyes wide open.

With our friend Federico we have often taken long rides together, travelling over many an Italian road. Together we came up with the idea of recording all the noises and sounds that we hear on our rides: bells ringing as we pass in front of churches and cathedrals; voices echoing through ancient cobbled streets as we cross a Medieval village; the voices of men talking at outdoor bars,the smell of fresh coffee filling the air; the piercing whistle of a train as we ride parallel with the railway tracks; the cry of seagulls when we reach the beach, just in time for a quick swim in the Mediterrenean Sea.
So, friends, motorbike riders, countrymen, lend me your ears… Hear the Road!