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Who is Hear the Road

Hear, smell, taste, see, feel the essence of motorcycling in Italy with us!

Enrico Grassi – Owner and Founder

I’m Enrico, the owner and founder of Hear The Road, Motorcycle Tours Italy and above all your ITALIAN HEAR THE ROAD Tour Guide, and I’d like to tell you a little about myself and how Hear The Road came to be.

My personal philosophy, when I’m planning a motorbike trip, is not about getting from A to B in the fastest time possible. Nor about racing down the highways.
I deal with feelings. For me the essence of travelling is hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting: experiencing all these senses at the same time, enjoying the
wonderful freedom and exposure I get from being on the road, and truly capturing the essence of what being on a motorcycle is all about.

In 2013 I decided to turn my life around: I left my position in the Advertising Industry where I had worked for over 20 years as an Executive Producer, and decided to turn my passion into a new job by founding Hear The Road, Motorcycle Tours Italy.
Why Hear The Road? As I said, being on the road for me is all about feeling: feeling the road, sure, but also “hearing” everything that surrounds me as I travel.

I really love my country, and YES! Italy is place to visit at least once in your life. Beautiful Renaissance cities, tiny Medieval hamlets, rolling hills, snow-capped moun- tains, ancient volcanic lakes, sandy beaches, great food, skilled artisans who produce everything from fine wines to superb leathers. Can a vacation get any better? Hear The Road believes it can: add a motorcycle to the equation and the result is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Hear The Road offers small groups of motorcyclists a variety of itineraries along spectacular scenic roads, off the beaten track, that will allow you to explore Italy from a different point of view, where all your senses come alive.
On the way you will hear bells ringing from ancient churches, smell the earthiness of fre- shly cut hay, stop for a taste of local food or a wine-tasting experience, and – why not? – a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, or simply to admire breathtaking views.
And at night-time Hear The Road has chosen welcoming, charme hotels in which to sle- ep, and great “Trattorie” where you’ll be able to taste the delicious Italian cuisine.

All HTR Tours have been planned by myself in every detail. I spend the Winter months in my studio, road maps spread over the desk, exploring new routes to travel down, finding out about local events, country fêtes, interesting exhibitions, tasty food-venues; in short, any kind of experience that can make HTR tours more interesting and exciting.
Come Spring-time I’m ready to hit the roads again in the company of new friends!

Nothing is left to chance. I have personally chosen and checked out all the roads you’ll ride, and slept in all the hotels you’ll stay in; I have tasted the dishes in the family-run Trattorie and renown restaurants you’ll eat in; bought cheese and olive oil in the farms and shops you’ll visit; drank an espresso in every road-side bar you’ll stop at.

I deal personally with all HTR suppliers, from buying ferry-tickets, to booking seats at the Misano or Mugello Grand Prix Motorcycle races; from selecting the rented bikes, to orga- nizing wine-tasting-experiences. My collaborators – your pick-up from and to the airports, the support-van driver, a second Tour Guide for bigger motorcycle groups – are hand-picked by myself, and they are all experienced professionals I trust unconditionally.
In short: my priority is to ensure that you will have a once-in-a life-time experience that they will never forget!

So, choose a different way to explore Italy: come join Hear The Road on a motorcycle, with gas, heart, and eyes wide open!
Are you ready to join me?