Sicily Motorcycle Tour

5 - 15 May, 2018

Welcome Riders!

Eight days with the motorcycle and 1 day of relax discovering Sicily’s secrets, Trinacria, land of the sun, Italy’s largest region that has always been the center of Mediterranean civilizations.

Described by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa “this America of ancient times” Sicily is unique for the richness of its lands and for the majestic footprints of a thousand-year-old history. An itinerary that discovers better-know cities and uncontaminated places, searching for evidences of ancient populations that used to live there.

An experience that discovers unknown secrets where nature and culture weave together in perfect harmony. This is also an extraordinary trip to plunge into the genuine taste of land and sea that find their victory with the culinary tradition of this gem of the Mediterranean.

The tour starts and ends in Rome which allows easy planning to extend your visit to this fabulous city should you want to.

Enrico Grassi, Tour Leader and Founder of Hear the Road and Giovanni Lamonica, profound connoisseur of the Island of the Sun, have spent many hours discovering the riding routes and the extraordinary hospitality to leave you with a Holiday Adventure you will always remember with a smile.

The Sunshine Roads of Sicily in a glance
> Date/s: 5 - 15 May, 2018
> Tour Grading:     
> Total Distance: 1.634 km – 1014 miles
> Riding Days: 9
> Riding Hours per day: 6 - 8
> Longest riding day: 282 Km – 175 miles
> Shortest riding day: 126 Km – 78 miles
> Free Day: Taormina
> Support Vehicle: Yes
> 11 days / 10 nights ( 9 riding days - 1 free day)
> Day 1 − “Welcome to Roma”
> Day 2 − Roma to Civitavecchia > Ferry to Termini Imerese (150 Km/93 miles)
> Day 3 − Termini Imerese to San Vito Lo Capo (180 Km / 112 miles)
> Day 4 − San Vito Lo Capo to Menfi (180 Km / 112 miles)
> Day 5 − Menfi to Agrigento (226 km / 140 miles)
> Day 6 − Agrigento to Ragusa (223 km / 138 miles)
> Day 7 − Ragusa to Taormina (282 km / 175 miles)
> Day 8 − Free day in Taormina
> Day 9 − Taormina to Catania (126 km - 78 miles) > Ferry to Naples
> Day 10 − Napoli to Roma (227 km / 141 miles)
> Day 11 − Departure day

Where We Ride – What We See – What We Hear

Day 1 – “Welcome to Roma!” – (Late morning/early afternoon arrival is recommended.)
A private car will transfer you from the airport to the hotel where you will find your Hear The Road host and guide, waiting to give you a warm Italian welcome.

After you’ve put your luggage in the room and take a good refreshing shower, we convene in the bar of the hotel for a “Meet and Greet” with your tour colleagues.
We also give you a general briefing of the tour and will be very glad to answer to all your questions.

Finally we are ready to go all together to taste the “Welcome Dinner”, where you’ll learn more about what to expect for the next exciting week.
Overnight is in Rome.

Highlights: Meet your motorcycle, Meet your guide, Meet your fellow riders, Welcome Dinner.

Day 2 – Roma to Civitavecchia – (150 km / 93 miles) > Overnight ferry to Termini Imerese
In the morning, you can visit Rome by your own.

After lunch we go to pick up the bikes and finally we are ready to leave Roma heading north towards Lake Bracciano.

Our itinerary will follow the hilly roads of Tuscia Viterbese, Tuscia, an area once inhabited by the Etruscans. This is also one of Italy’s biggest hazelnut grove areas, the small nut that Ferrero magically transforms into the famous Nutella spread.

Then we reach Civitavecchia, where we will take the ferryboat to Sicily.
Overnight on the ferry to Termini Imerese.

Highlights: Lake Bracciano, Tuscia Viterbese.

Day 3 – Termini Imerese – San Vito Lo Capo (220 km / 137 miles)
We arrive In Termini Imerese and after the first taste of some terrific coastline roads we are ready for our first food experience… Yes!… A very tasty surprise is waiting for us at the elegant Bar Pasticceria Sampolo in the city center of Palermo: : the famous “arancini” and “cannoli”!

The we will ride the Monte Pellegrino, hosting Santa Rosalia Sanctuary, with a breathtaking view over Palermo and the Mondello Bay, where we will soon face many hairpin bends.

After a short stop by the small harbor, we will head towards Alcamo and we will reach one of the most fascinating places all over Sicily: Segesta. With a tour guide, we will here visit the archeological park with its famous temple and its spectacular amphitheater.

We will continue in direction of Castellammare del Golfo, until the ancient hamlet of Scopello, recently reevaluated thanks to the proximity of the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro. We cannot miss a visit to the Tonnara, one of the most important and ancient in Sicily; the Tonnara was built around XIII century and considerably enlarged by Sanclemente family over XV and XVI centuries.
Dinner is at restaurant Ghibli, masters of the famous couscous, typical local course.
Overnight in San Vito Lo Capo.

Highlights: Cape Zafferano, Arancini and Cannoli in Palermo, Santa Rosaria Sanctuary, Segesta, Tonnara di Scopello, San Vito Lo Capo.

Day 4 – San Vito Lo Capo to Menfi (180 km / 112 miles)
Charged by such beauty, we resume our journey. Our first stop will be in one of the pearls of Sicily: the town of Erice. Set in a panoramic position, Erice preserves untouched its medieval center, perfectly integrated with the mountain morphology and harmoniously blended with the surrounding nature.

After a stop for tasting the delicious almond cakes at Convento bakery, we proceed on heading south towards Marsala, famous for the “sbarco dei mille” (literally the “landing of the thousands”) in 1860 and for its high-level wine production.

Carrying on onto our itinerary, we will drift to the inland towards Salemi, Gibellina Nuova, city-museum invented to soothe the desolation post-earthquake, until the ruins of Gibellina Vecchia, destroyed by the earthquake during the night between 14th and 15th January 1968, covered by a flow of cement and lime. A few kilometers afterwards the road ends in a ghost town, the ruins of Poggioreale, the jewel of Belice area, an intimate, emotional, living place.
Overnight in Menfi.

Highlights: Erice, Marsala, Gibellina, Poggioreale.

Day 5 – Menfi to Agrigento (226 km / 140 miles)
We resume our trip on the empty SP79 towards Sciacca, riding then inland and following a triangle of roads among the evocative villages of Corleone, Prizzi (balcony-village par excellence) and Palazzo Adriano, real open air movie location of “Nuovo cinema Paradiso” of Giuseppe Tornatore, winner of the Oscar prize in 1990.

The arrival, after about 200 km of secondary roads with low traffic, sometimes not in good condition but definitely fascinating, will be in Agrigento. Few words to spend: one of the most visited places in Sicily and Italy. In the afternoon, we will enjoy a guided tour to the Temples Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The archaeological route is a journey through time that will lead us to the discovery of the remains of the glorious civilizations of the past.
Overnight in Agrigento.

Highlights: Corleone, Prizzi, Palazzo Adriano,Temples Valley in Agrigento.

Day 6 – Agrigento to Ragusa (223 km / 138 miles)
We begin the day by driving along the coastline. Near Licata, we will bend inward towards Naro, a beautiful example of Sicilian Baroque style with its medieval hamlet around the castle on an isolated hill.

The most important stop of the day is of course the splendid Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, where we will have a guided tour of the archaeological park.

We will then proceed on to Caltagirone. With its land rich in clay, Caltagirone is worldwide known for the production of handmade pottery that still involves hundreds of artisans. Do not miss a walk through the streets of the town animated by many small shops with typical products: tiles, chandeliers, whistles, plates, jars, vases. Something that deserves a special attention is the spectacular staircase: 142 steps that connect the upper town to the lower town. The staircase was built in ‘600 and in 1954, the rises of each step were coated with majolica tiles, with sparkling geometric patterns.
Overnight in Ragusa.

Highlights: Naro, Villa Romana del Casale, Caltagirone.

Day 7 – Ragusa to Taormina (282 km / 175 miles)
Ready to enjoy another day and to admire Sicilian beauties! We will dedicate our attention to two within the most picturesque towns of Ragusa province and all Sicily: Scicli, our favorite, and Modica. Proceeding on eastwards, we encounter Ispica, the picturesque small marina of Marzamemi, until reaching Noto, small jewel of the baroque style perched on an upland that dominates the Asinaro valley, covered with citrus fruits.

Back on our motorcycles, we will reach Siracusa, one of the largest metropolis of the ancient world, and the biggest Greek town. In its most ancient heart, the archeological area of the Neapolis, we find the evocative Greek Theatre and the Dionisio’s Ear, an artificial hole obtained by the stone extraction. Do not miss a stroll among the characteristic alleys of the town of Ortigia, searching for the right place where to enjoy a very tasty ice cream. Back on our seats, we will pass the city of Catania and will take the unique highway path on the Island’s travel itinerary to reach Taormina for the end of the day: a terrace over the clear blue sea.
Overnight in Taormina.

Highlights: Scicli, Modica, Marzameni, Noto, Siracusa

Day 8 – Free day in Taormina
A relaxing day between sea and culture in Taormina. Thanks to its location, to the neighboring attractions and the nearby beaches, Taormina is a famous destination for tourists coming from every part the world. The most famous monument of the town is the Greek Theatre, from where you can enjoy a stunning view over the surrounding region, and appreciate the historical environment.

The Theatre was built in III century B.C. from the Greek population in a spectacular position that was a natural set for their musical or dramatic representations. The structure was afterwards enlarged and restored from the Romans that used it for gladiatorial games and battleships. The picturesque historical center is very evocative and will invite you to a nice walk among the myriad of alleys, and in the characteristic restaurants and cafes, you could have a rest and taste a typical product.
Overnight in Taormina.

Highlights: It’s your second free day…enjoy your time in Taormina by your own.

Day 9 – Taormina to Catania (126 km / 78 miles)
Last day on the Island, our trip is almost finished. We will start driving on the spectacular roads that lead to the departure point for excursions to the crater of the highest active volcano in Europe (3.340 m), Etna, which dominates the landscape, the mountain where fire, water and light meet, blend and weave together to offer a unique show.

Nature offers pure uncontaminated landscapes and incredibly spectacular roads within the Etna Park, the first park established in Sicily, in 1987. We will drive eastwards along the giant volcano, on very panoramic roads. After the excursion, we will head towards Catania, and if we have enough time, we will visit its historical center, where the baroque style has been declared UNESCO Heritage.
Overnight on the ferry to Naples

Highlights: Mount Etna (Volcano), Catania

Day 10 – Napoli to Rome (227 km / 141 miles)
Our journey is about to end.

Driving on highway and backroads roads, we will reach Roma, where we will give back the motorcycles. A quick shower and then we will all go together out for dinner to celebrate this wonderful Italian experience.
Overnight in Roma.

Highlights: Backroads to Rome – Farewell Dinner

Day 11 – Departure day
Time to say, “Arrivederci” to our new friends, collect the souvenirs and cameras and pack the bags. After breakfast, guests will be transferred to the airport.





Art / History


Food / Wine


2018 Prices

* Motorcycle Models Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
Motorcycle Class 1
BMW G650 GS – BMW F700 GS – BMW F800 R
€ 4.590 € 5.160 € 7.950
Motorcycle Class 2
€ 4.720 € 5.290 € 8.080
Motorcycle Class 3
€ 4.840 € 5.410 € 8.200
Motorcycle Class 4
BMW R1200 RT - BMW R1200 GS ADV -BMW S1000 R
€ 4.960 € 5.530 € 8.320
Motorcycle Class 5
€ 5.050 € 5.620 € 8.410
Motorcycle Class 6
€ 5.100 € 5.720 € 8.510
Own Motorcycle
€ 3.840 € 4.410 € 7.200

*Rented Motorcycle Subject to Availability

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John M. “Enrico has a great attitude and very good people skills. I love it when the business owner heads the tour himself – more than just an employee.”

Creation of the tour: Associazione Culturale Hear The Road.
Organization and marketing: Hear The Road srl.

Minimum number of participants: 8

If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format.

What is included:

  • only for those who have decided to rent their bike through usmotorcycle rental with side cases, top case, locks and alarm.
    (For rented bikes a deposit for damage, theft, and fire, between € 1.500 and € 3.000 is requested, depending on the chosen model)
    WHAT IS THE DAMAGE SECURITY DEPOSIT ? Each motorcycle has a damage deposit. This amount will be frozen on your credit card, but not cashed. The deposit is your maximum liability for theft or damage to the vehicle. Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover  the damage deposit on your cards.
  • the bike rental prices include costs for public-liability insurance and insurance for any road assistance in case of break-down.
  • welcome and farewell dinners in Rome, plus 2 dinners that we are glad to offer during the trip
  • accomodation: 2 nights including breakfast in 4-star hotel in Roma, 6 nights including breakfast in 3 or 4-star hotels in the towns where we will stop during the tour, 2 nights on the ferry to and from Sicily.
  • ferry Civitavecchia to Termini Imerese and Catania to Napoli.
  • entrance fees to Segesta, Valle dei Templi in Agrigento, Villa Romana in Piazza Armerina
  • transfer from and to the airport
  • Italian tour leader.
  • courtesy van to pick up and leave the bikes.
  • support van driven by Enrico’s assistant. The van will be carrying a tool-kit for small repairs. You’ll be able to leave your cases (1 suitcase + 1 handbag per person) in the van, as well as any souvenirs you pick up along the way. The van also has a couple of seats that passengers might like to use if they feel they need a little rest from the bikes!
  • a detailed Road-book with all the information you’ll need; a map of Italy; the “Wordless Travel Book”, a courtesy mobile phone with 10 euros of credit and a Hear the Road T-shirt.
  • Insurance covering most any medical issue during the trip including, doctors, ambulance, hospital and any appropriate family travel.

What is not included:

  • fuel for your motorcycle.
  • tolls on motorways.
  • gratuities and tips.
  • all meals except for the welcome and farewell dinners and for other 2 dinners that will provide by the organization.
  • all beverages.
  • flights to and from Roma.

We also suggest that anyone traveling abroad for one of our Tours consider purchasing  “Travel Insurance”. It can take the worry out of the unexpected situations that can arise in any travel plan.

Terms of payment:

  • Deposit, to be paid, on reserving a place on the tour.
    (The deposit is totally refundable in case we don’t reach the minimum number of participants).
  • Balance, to be paid 60 days before the starting date when you get confirmation from HEAR THE ROAD.

In case of cancellation:

If you decide to cancel the tour for whatever reason that does not depend on HEAR THE ROAD, these are the penalties that will incur:

  • up to 60 days prior to the starting date, HTR holds the deposit, that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year;
  • between 59 and 10 days prior to the starting date you lose the deposit. HTR holds the balance that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.
  • from 9 days prior to the starting date you lose 50% of the total amount. HTR holds the remaining 50% that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.

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