Sardinia and Sicily Motorcycle Tour

May 4 - 16, 2020


Sardinia and Sicily are the largest islands of the Mediterranean Sea, a truly paradise for riders, who want ride scenic roads without traffic and often perfect asphalt, enjoy superb food and wine, and relax on wonderful beaches.

Sardinia is a land of ancient heritage and charming mysticism, known by a wonderful jagged edge overhanging road overlooking sea, many archaeological treasures and hospitable people.

Sicily has been described by Described by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa “the America of ancient times” . This island is unique for the richness of its lands and for the majestic footprints of a thousand-year-old history.

This tour is an experience that discovers unknown secrets where nature and culture weave together in perfect harmony. This is also an extraordinary trip to plunge into the genuine taste of land and sea that find their victory with the culinary tradition of these gems of the Mediterranean.

On tour you will find surprises by every curve, incredible beaches with deep blue sea, fascinating secondary roads flanked by stone walls and panoramic views.

Add to this a free day in Taormina and your experience will be complete!
Are you ready? The beating heart of the Mediterraneo is waiting you!

Enrico Grassi, Tour Leader and Founder of Hear the Road has spent many hours discovering the riding routes and the extraordinary hospitality to leave you with a Holiday Adventure you will always remember with a smile.

This fabulous tour starts and ends in the Eternal City of Rome.





Art / History


Food / Wine


> Date/s: May 4 - 16, 2020
> Tour Grading:     
> Total Distance: 2.459 km / 1.528 miles
> Riding Days: 10
> Riding Hours per day: 6 - 8
> Longest riding day: 287 km / 178 miles
> Shortest riding day: 152 km / 94 miles
> Free Day: Taormina
> Support Vehicle: Yes
> 13 days / 12 nights (10 riding days / 1 frre day)
> Day 1 − "Welcome to Roma"
> Day 2 − Roma to Civitavecchia > Ferry to Olbia (283 km / 176 miles)
> Day 3 − Olbia to Tresnuraghes (283 Km / 176 miles)
> Day 4 − Tresnuraghes to Cala Gonone (249 Km / 155 miles)
> Day 5 − Gonone to Cagliari > Ferry to Palermo (276 Km / 171 miles)
> Day 6 − Palermo to Agrigento (193 km / 120 miles)
> Day 7 − Agrigento to Noto (214 Km / 133 miles)
> Day 8 − Noto to Taormina (245 Km / 152 miles)
> Day 9 − Free day in Taormina
> Day 10 − Mount Etna Loop (152 Km / 94 miles)
> Day 11 − Taormina to Palermo > Ferry to Napoli (287 Km / 178 miles)
> Day 12 − Napoli to Roma (273 km / 170 miles)
> Day 13 − Departure day

Where We Ride – What We See – What We Hear


A private car will transfer you from the airport to the hotel where you will find your Hear The Road host Enrico, waiting to give you a warm Italian welcome.
Late morning/early afternoon arrival is recommended.

After you’ve put your luggage in the room and take a good refreshing shower, we convene in the bar of the hotel for a “Meet and Greet” with your tour colleagues. Then we are ready to go to pick up the bikes and bring them to the hotel garage.

Back to the hotel Enrico gives you a general briefing of the tour and will be very glad to answer to all your questions.

Finally we are ready to go all together to taste the “Welcome Dinner”, where you’ll learn more about what to expect for the next exciting week.

HIGHLIGHTS: Meet your motorcycle, Meet your guide, Meet your fellow riders, Welcome Dinner.

DAY 2: ROME TO CIVITAVECCHIA (286 km / 178 miles)

We head north towards Tuscia, an area once inhabited by the Etruscans. This is also one of Italy’s biggest hazelnut grove areas, the small nut that Ferrero magically transforms into the famous Nutella spread.

After a short break for your first good Italian coffee on the road in Civita Castellana, we get back on the bikes and ride, the beautiful coastline roads that run along the shores of Lake Vico and Lake Bolsena.

We arrive in Bolsena where we stop for lunch. Bolsena is known for a miracle said to have occurred in the Basilica of Santa Cristina in 1263. A Bohemian priest was in doubt about the doctrine of Transubstantiation. When he was celebrating the Mass the blood started flowing from the consecrated host, bathed the corporal and the liturgical linens.

Back on the bikes we ride the less known roads of Maremma Toscana – land of the “butteri” (the typical local cowboy) and brigands – where each town and village boast origins lost in the mists of time.
One of these small towns is Pitigliano, perched on a cliff of local stone known as ‘tufo’; the town stands majestically at the crossroads of three valleys, with a wonderful view of the wild and unspoiled Tuscan Maremma countryside.

After having visited Pitigliano we start our descent towards the Tyrrhenian Sea and finally we reach Civitavecchia where the overnight ferry to Sardinia is waiting for us!

HIGHLIGHTS: Tuscia Viterbese, Civita Castellana, Lake Bolsena, Maremma Toscana, Pitigliano.

DAY 3: OLBIA TO TRESNURAGHES (283 km / 176 miles)

We arrive in Olbia in early morning, so the first thing to do is to find a bar for our first espresso coffee in Sardinia!

Then we saddle up to ride the beautiful roads of Gallura that bring us to Tempio Pausania, at the foot of Monte Limbara. Tempio Pausania is a charming town famous for its cork products and the production of granite.

We ride further before reaching the Roccia dell’Elefante, “The Elephant Rock”; a striking dark trachyte rock sculpted by the wind to resemble an elephant. After a good lunch with the Elephant, we are on the bikes once again towards Alghero, an ancient Catalan town on the Mediterranean Sea.

After a short visit of the town, we are challenged again by the scenic coastline from Alghero to Bosa. Leaving Bosa we climb up towards Tresnuraghes, our destination for the  night.

HIGHLIGHTS: Tempio Pausania, Charamonti, Elephant Rock, Alghero.

DAY 4: TRESNURAGHES TO CALA GONONE (249 km / 155 miles) 

We head south-east towards the rugged yet scenic roads of the Monti del Gennargentu, a vast wild area, crossed by deep gorges and canyons. This land that is totally unspoiled and known to be home to rare species of wildlife.

After the lunch in Fonni we get back on the bikes and heading North-East we reach the Gulf of Orosei, completing our “coast to coast” ride of the entire island!

HIGHLIGHTS: Boreneddu, Fonni, Gennargentu National Park, Gulf of Orosei.

DAY 5: CALA GONONE TO CAGLIARI (276 km / 171 miles)

It’s our last day along the scenic roads of Sardinia. We start the day of riding with an amazing 48 km that takes us from Cala Gonone to Baunei. After a short break on the beach of Santa Maria Navarrese we ride off the beaten track to the Barbagia, a wild empty region of mountains in Sardinia.

Down from the mountains and across the plains we ride to the colorful port city of Cagliari. Here we take an overnight ferry that will bring back us to Sicily.

HIGHLIGHTS: Bay of Orosei, Barbagia.

DAY 6: PALERMO TO AGRIGENTO (193 km / 120 miles)

Let’s start our adventure in Sicily, the largest Italian island!

Our first stop is Piana degli Albanesi, where we will verify if its cannoli are the best of the entire Sicily.

Back on the bikes we ride off the beaten path of a less known Sicily passing through the small towns of Corleone and Prizzi and then we stop for lunch in Palazzo Adriano where has been filmed many sequences of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, the Italian movie directed by the Sicilian Giuseppe Tornatore, who in 1990 won the Award Academy for Best Foreign Language Film.

After lunch we ride again scenic roads, surrounded by olive groove and almond orchads, that bring us to Agrigento where we spend the night.

HIGHLIGHTS: Piana degli Albanesi, Corleone, Palazzo Adriano.

DAY 7: AGRIGENTO TO NOTO (214 km / 133 miles)

Today is a day that we can call the Unesco World Heritage’s day! We visit two jewels of Sicily: La Valle dei Templi in Agrigento e la Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armeria

We start the day visiting the Valley of the Temples, one of the most extensive, representative and best preserved archaeological sites of classical Greek civilization. The impressive Doric temples tell us about the thousand-year old history which began in the sixth century B.C. with the founding of the ancient colony of Akragas.
The archaeological area of Agrigento, in Sicily, was included in 1997 in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After the Valley of the Temples we visit Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina. This majestic Imperial villa, dates back to the 4th Century A.D., is a magnificent rural abode, fascinating for its captivating mosaics, considered the most beautiful and best-preserved of their kind. The fruits of meticulous labor, these precise yet moving images make for a significant adornment to what remains of this extravagant residence – made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

On the way to Noto we’ll be visiting the little hamlet of Grammichele. Its beautiful hexagonal square, the heart of the city, is well-known and studied in the most important Schools of Architecture and by the most eminent urban planners, as well as the entire urban grid that radiates around it. A huge monumental bronze statue, a work by the Turkish artist Murat Cura, stands in the middle of the square. 

Back on the bikes we reach Noto, a little baroque jewel, lying on a high plateau the dominate the Asinaro valley covered by citrus trees.

HIGHLIGHTS: Valle dei Templi, Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Grammichele, Noto.

DAY 8: NOTO TO TAORMINA (245 km / 152 miles)

We start the day heading south towards Capo Passero a seaside village in the southernmost spot of Sicily, which is the watershed between the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean.

So, after having dip one foot in the Ionian Sea and the other one into the Mediterranean we back on the bikes and we get to Marzamemi, where we will sip our coffee sitting at one of the bar of the little port.

Back on the bikes we go to Siracusa where we visit the its old town called Ortigia, which is lying on an island and then the Greek Theatre.

Then we will join the highway to reach Taormina we will spend the next two nights.

HIGHLIGHTS: Portopalo di Capopassero, Marzamemi, Siracusa.


Taormina also known as ‘the Mediterranean Pearl’, is sited on a natural terrace sheer above the sea.
The Greek theatre is one of the most suggestive spots, sited on a fantastic position and dipped into the blooming nature of this land. It is hard to say if the audience, today as well as at that time, attend the performances without sustaining the fascination of the wonderful view that it is possible to admire from the ancient stalls. The view goes straight across the sea and reaches the Calabria coasts, the town of Siracusa and the Etna’s peak. 

It is recommended a walk in the Villa Comunale, that offers a typical Mediterranean maquis vegetation with a nice view sheer above the sea. 

The coast offers charming sandy beaches lapped by crystal-clear water: the ones of Giardini Naxos and Mazzarò are the most frequented. The beach of Isola Bella, in front of Capo Santo Andrea, is today a protected natural oasis. 

After spending the day at the beach you can go shopping in the workshops on the main street, where you can find everything – from pottery to jewels, from clothes to souvenirs – or you can have a rest, seating at the bar’s table taking a lemon slush  served with a hot brioche or a typical cassata siciliana. 

The main food is, of course, fish: sardines, sword fish according to the best Sicilian tradition, but also eggplants, ricotta, olives and any good product that grows under the sun of this land.

HIGHLIGHTS: Taormina by your own.


Today is all about the Etna Mount, the highest active volcano in Europe! Everything is surreal…but at the same time is real!

We ride roads that run between ancient forests and petrified lava flows, we pass through picturesque small villages where old traditions are still alive, we fall in love for the unspoiled landscapes! What else?

We climb the Volcano from Linguaglossa and we reach Rifugio Sapienza (altitude 1920 meters) then we take the Gondola to Montagnola (altitude 2500 meters), where you can relax enjoying a wonderful view over the eastern Sicily.

We return to Taormina riding other scenic roads on the east side of the mount.
Yes…today is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life!

HIGHLIGHTS: Mount Etna Regional Park

DAY 11: TAORMINA TO PALERMO (287 km / 178 miles)

It may be our last riding day in Sicily, but certainly not an unforgettable day as we ride along some of the best roads into the heart of the island.

We begin the day along the scenic roads of the Etna Regional Park up to Bronte, the small Sicilian town famous for its delicious pistachios.

From Bronte we join the Strada dell’Etna and the Madonie which leads us to Troina, one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy.

On the way to Palermo we still ride off the beaten path of a mysterious and magical Sicily to complete our experience on this land who was defined the America of the old days!

HIGHLIGHTS: Bronte, Troina, Ganci, Petralia Sottana.

DAY 12: NAPLES TO ROME (273 km / 170 miles)

We leave Naples joining the highway to avoid the hectic traffic of the area.

Our first stop is in Sperlonga a small town faced on the Mediterranean Sea.

Back on the bikes we ride the coastline road that bring us to Anzio and then we join the Via Pontina till Rome.

After returning the bikes, we arrive back at the hotel in time to freshen up before our final fabulous dinner together celebrating this wonderful Italian motorcycle experience.

HIGHLIGHTS: Sperlonga, Sabaudia, Anzio, Farewell Dinner.


Time to say “Goodbye”, shop for any last minute souvenirs, and pack your bags. Transport is scheduled to get you to the airport on time. Please let us know your departure flight information so arrangements can be made.

2020 Prices

* Motorcycle Models Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
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€ 5.340 € 6.140 € 8.820
Motorcycle Class 2
BMW F750 GS - BMW F800 GT
€ 5.530 € 6.330 € 9.010
Motorcycle Class 3
€ 5.600 € 6.400 € 9.080
Motorcycle Class 4
BMW R1250 R - BMW R1250 RS
€ 5.660 € 6.460 € 9.140
Motorcycle Class 5
BMW R1250 RT
€ 5.740 € 6.540 € 9.220
Motorcycle Class 6
BMW S1000 XR - BMW S1000 R
€ 5.950 € 6.750 € 9.430
Motorcycle Class 7
€ 6.100 € 6.900 € 9.580
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€ 4.180 € 4.980 € 7.660

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  • welcome and farewell dinners in Roma.
  • accomodation: 2 nights including breakfast in 3 or 4-star hotels in Roma, and 7 nights including breakfast in 3 or 4-star hotels in the towns where we will stop during the tour, 1 night on the ferry from Civitavecchia to Olbia, 1 night on the ferry from Cagliari to Palermo, 1 night on the ferry from Palermo to Napoli.
  • transfer from and to the airport.
  • Italian tour leader.
  • courtesy van to pick up and leave the bikes.
  • van for luggage transportation. The van will be carrying a tool-kit for small repairs. You’ll be able to leave your cases (1 suitcase + 1 handbag per person) in the van, as well as any souvenirs you pick up along the way. The van also has a couple of seats that passengers might like to use if they feel they need a little rest from the bikes!
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