The Italian Dream Motorcycle Tour
Islands Edition with Corsica and Sardinia

June 2 to 12, 2020

Welcome riders!

The Ducati Riding Experience is at Mugello World MotoGp Circuit.

This tour is a long anticipated creation by Enrico Grassi the founder of “Hear the Road” and Cat MacLeod founder of “Leod Escapes”. It caters to track rider who wants the best curvy roads and the most authentic experience.

It’s a 11 days / 10 nights tour which include 1 day track time at the Mugello World MotoGP Circuit where you can join Ducati Riding Experience to improve your track experience under the expert guidance of Ducati instructors.

Arrive in Florence and get your touring motorcycle. Then warm up your tires and heart in the
hills and valleys of Tuscany. Then jump on a ferry and fand challenge the dramatic roads of Corsica between the mountain and the sea. Then ferry again to Sardinia and ride the beautiful twists above the sea.  You ferry back Italy to Civitavecchia and twist through Tuscan wine country to Mugello.
Then join Ducati Riding Experience for 1 day track time where instructors help you get the most out of a V2 or V4S Panigale! …
WOW!!! This tour takes your breath away. It’s pure adrenaline for enthusiast riders with a big heart and a smooth right hands

Authentic 3 or 4 star hotels, amazing food and local expertise complete the tour.

This fabulous tour starts and ends in the beautiful city of Florence.





Art / History


Food / Wine


Choose your Motorcycle



    • On this tour you take part in the Ducati Riding Experience at Mugello World Circuit. How else could we get something as pure Italian as riding a Panigale on an Italian MotoGP track. It’s more than that. Ducati brings out celebrity riders. It’s kind of cool to get passed by Marco Melandri or to have Andrew Pitt give you tips on your braking technique. The whole event is very polished, very organized, very well photographed and very Ducati.

Click here to see what you are going to do!

The Italian Motorcycle Dream in a Glance
> Date/s: June 2 to 12, 2020
> Tour Grading:     
> Total Distance: 1.883 Km / 1.168 miles
> Riding Days: 8
> Riding Hours per day: 4 - 8
> Longest riding day: 309 Km / 191 miles
> Shortest riding day: 45 Km – 28 miles
> Free Day: NO
> Support Vehicle: Yes
> 11 Days – 10 Nights (8 riding days – 1 Track day with Ducati Instructors)
> Day 1 − “Welcome to Florence”
> Day 2 − Florence to Livorno (232 Km / 144 miles)
> Day 3 − Livorno to Ferayola (206 Km / 128 miles)
> Day 4 − Ferayola to Santa Teresa (258 km / 160 miles) > Ferry to S. Teresa
> Day 5 − Santa Teresa to Tresnuraghes (295 km / 183 miles)
> Day 6 − Tresnuraghes to Cala Gonone (249 km / 155 miles)
> Day 7 − Gonone to Cagliari (276 km / 171 miles) > Ferry to Civitavecchia
> Day 8 − Civitavecchia to Scarperia (309 km / 191 miles)
> Day 10 − Scarperia to Florence (45 km / 28 miles)
> Day 11 − Departure day

Where We Ride – What We See – What We Hear


A private car will transfer you from the airport to the hotel. Here you will find Enrico and Cat, waiting for you to give you a warm Italian welcome.
Late morning/early afternoon arrival is recommended.

Check in and take a refreshing shower, then convene in the bar of the hotel where you can meet the crew and your fellow riders. From there we’ll all go to the fleet garage and pick up our selected bikes and ride them back to the hotel. Enrico and Cat will give you a general briefing of the tour and answer any of your questions.

Then we all go together for our first taste of true Italian cuisine. Over bottles of local Tuscan wine you’ll learn more about what to expect and the riders who will be enjoying it with you.

HIGHLIGHTS: Meet your motorcycle, Meet your guides, Meet your fellow riders, Welcome Dinner.

DAY 2: FLORENCE TO LIVORNO (232 km / 144 miles)

Forget all the pictures and tacky art you’ve seen that is supposed to be “Tuscany”, you’re about to ride through it and see in in person.

We head south towards the Chianti Region riding on roads that are a paradise for motorcyclists: wide bends, scenic stretches, miles of vineyards, and dozens of stately villas.

We ride like Italians, so we must stop late in the morning for an Espresso. After a bracing coffee at Greve in Chianti we challenge the sweeping road towards Volterra. This charming town is Etruscan, older than Rome, and the epitome of what a Tuscan hill town should be.

Then we take you off beaten path to the Colline Metallifere, a little-known but enchanting part of Tuscany. As we approach our afternoon stop of Bolgheri we’ll ride along a 5km stretch of iconic ancient cypress trees.

HIGHLIGHTS: Chianti Region, Volterra, Colline Metallifere, Bolgheri.

DAY 3: LIVORNO TO FERAYOLA (206 km / 128 miles)

Early in the morning we board the ferry to enjoy a vista filled 4 hour crossing to Bastia, on the north east coast of Corsica.

We head north and follow the coastline around “the thumb” of Corsica before heading south towards Ferayola. Today’s riding is unforgettable. It’s a mix of coastline roads with dramatic cliffs, empty coastal wilderness like the Desert des Agriates, and twisty mountain roads.

HIGHLIGHTS: Dramatic coastline roads, Nonza, Desert des Agriates.


Here’s where things start getting surreal as the scenes that meet your eyes are too idyllic.

The coastline road from Ferayola to Cargese is impossible to describe: the narrow challenging roads, the spectacular landscapes with the mountains reflected into the sea.

From Les Calanche to Cargese to Bonifacio the scenery is simply stunning and has to be experienced to be understood.

We take the short ferry ride to Santa Teresa di Gallura on the Italian island of Sardinia, ending another day of fabulous riding.

HIGHLIGHTS: Dramatic coastline roads, Les Calanche, Bonifiacio.


We leave Santa Teresa di Gallura heading south to the challenging beautiful roads of the Gallura.

After a coffee break, we’re off to Tempio Pausania, at the foot of Monte Limbara; a charming town famous for its cork products and granite.

More twists and vistas bring us to the Roccia dell’Elefante, “The Elephant Rock”. This striking dark trachyte rock has been sculpted by the wind. After a good lunch with the Elephant, we ride towards Alghero. This ancient Catalan walled city has become a lovely little resort town.

 After a short visit, we are challenged again by the scenic coastline from Alghero to Bosa and then climb up towards Tresnuraghes.

HIGHLIGHTS: Tempio Pausania, Charamonti, Elephant Rock, Alghero, coastline road from Alghero to Bosa.

DAY 6:TRESNURAGHES TO CALA GONONE (249 km / 155 miles)

We head south-east towards the rugged scenic roads of the Monti del Gennargentu, a vast wild area, crossed with deep gorges and canyons. This land that is totally unspoiled and is home to rare species of wildlife.

After the lunch in Fonni we ride North-East to the Gulf of Orosei, completing our “coast to coast” ride of the entire island.

HIGHLIGHTS: Boreneddu, Fonni, Gennargentu National Park, Gulf of Orosei.

DAY 7: CALA GONONE TO CAGLIARI (276 km / 171 miles)

It’s our last day along the scenic roads of Sardinia. We start the day of riding with an amazing 48 km that takes us from Cala Gonone to Baunei.

After a short break on the beach of Santa Maria Navarrese we ride off  the beaten track to the Barbagia, a the wild empty region of mountains in Sardinia.

Down from the mountains and across the plains we ride to the colorful port city of Cagliari. Here we take an overnight ferry that will bring back us to the mainland.

HIGHLIGHTS: Bay of Orosei, Barbagia.

DAY 8: CIVITAVECCHIA TO SCARPERIA (309 km / 191 miles)

Back on the Italian mainland we head north from Civitavecchia into Tuscany.

We ride the scenic backroads of Val D’Orcia – an UNESCO World Heritage site. We have lunch in Radicofani one of our favorite stops, as it’s an ancient unspoiled little town that few visitors ever see. This tiny village surrounds a majestic fortress that has stood since 973AD.

From there we ride the Strada Statale Cassia which is part of the signature Italian race, the Mille Miglia.

As we pass Florence we join the Strada Statale della Futa that takes us to the small town of Scarperia. It is a typical Tuscan town with one exception, it has the most beautiful race track in Italy, Mugello Circuit.

HIGHLIGHTS: Tuscia Viterbese, Val D’Orcia, Radicofani


Welcome to Mugello! The Italian icon of the MotoGP. Today we park the street bikes and ride this famous circuit on Ducati sport bikes.

Ducati has specially prepared a group of 959 Panigale and panigale V4 so enthusiasts like you can get a real taste of riding a MotoGP course. Your experienced instructors are local racing stars and can not only help you find the right lines but improve your riding skills as well.

Now names like Savelli, Scarperia, Arrabiata 1 and Arrabiata 2 will no longer be just names on a map, they’ll be curves you’ve ridden.

Compare stories and celebrate tonight as we stay again in Scarperia.

HIGHLIGHTS: Ducati Riding Experience on Panigale 959 or Panigale V4.

DAY 10:SCARPERIA TO FLORENCE (45 km / 28 miles)

After many miles of scenic curvy road and after a strenuous day track at Mugello it’s time for a bit of a rest. We leave the hotel late in the morning and head toward Fiesole, also known as ‘La Collina di Firenze (Florence’s hill).

Then we reach Florence, but before we return the bikes we stop to admire the beautiful panorama of the city from the terrace of Palazzo Michelangelo.

Then we go to the hotel to relax and prepare for our last dinner together. We hope you have a late flight out tomorrow because we plan to celebrate our wonderful Italian adventure late into the evening over lots of limoncello.

HIGHLIGHTS: Fiesole, Florence, Farewell Dinner


Time to say “Goodbye”, shop for any last minute souvenirs, and pack your bags. Transport is scheduled to get you to the airport on time. Please let us know your departure flight information so arrangements can be made.

2020 Prices
Prices are based on the TRACK EVO COURSE
Who wants join the TRACK MASTER COURSE needs to consider an addition of € 600.

* Motorcycle Models Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
Motorcycle Class 1
€ 5.900 € 6.590 € 8.940
Motorcycle Class 2
BMW F750 GS - BMW F800 GT
€ 6.030 € 6.720 € 9.070
Motorcycle Class 3
€ 6.100 € 6.790 € 9.140
Motorcycle Class 4
BMW R1250 R - BMW R1250 RS
€ 6.160 € 6.850 € 9.200
Motorcycle Class 5
BMW R1250 RT
€ 6.200 € 6.890 € 9.240
Motorcycle Class 6
BMW S1000 XR - BMW S 1000 R
€ 6.370 € 7.060 € 9.410
Motorcycle Class 7
€ 6.470 € 7.160 € 9.510
Own Motorcycle
€ 4.900 € 5.590 € 7.940

*Rented Motorcycle Subject to Availability

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Tom C.“If Ernest Hemingway were alive today, he’d be All IN for the Italian Motorcycle Dream with Hear The Road and Leod Escapes. Anyone can get on a plane and be walking through Rome, Bologna or Sienna the next day, but to truly experience Italy, you must embrace the ‘possibilities!’ Traveling with Enrico and Cat you will motor though small Italian villages with pit stops for delicious espressos and grand vistas. You will re-create your own version of the famous Italian race the Millie Miglia, cresting famous mountain passes with names such as Futa, Raticossa and Muraglione. Enrico sharing unique stories about your current location, farm to table dinners with paired wines and downtime to explore the area at your own pace. Finally, a dedicated day at truly one of the most spectacular racing venues in all of motorports, Autodromo Mugello. You will drive your track-prepped Ducati faster than you have ever gone,video-taped and critiqued by Ducati’s own racers and end the day celebrating your success with your fellow travelers over thick cuts of steak and red wine. Just like Ernest would have.”
Gavin & Janet B.“The Italian Dream Tour was spectacular in every way.  This trip was perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy riding on twisty roads with a wide variety of gorgeous scenery.  Every day was filled with a generous amount of riding combined with stops at amazing locations. The food and carefully selected accommodations at off the beaten path locations made for a true Italian experience. Spending a day riding at Mugello circuit was the ultimate way to turn a fantastic trip into a once in a lifetime memorable event. Janet and I appreciate the fact that this was a well planned and well coordinated event, yet accommodated individual preferences and desires so that it never felt regimented or rigid. This trip is a must for anyone wanting an authentic Italian vacation that reaches into places that are best be appreciated on a motorcycle.”
Brad K.“The Italian Motorcycle Dream Tour was truly a dream come true for us!  Great food, great roads, amazing scenery and history, and a track day to boot!  Enrico, Cat, and Nancy do an excellent job of putting together the itinerary, even arranging a surprise stop at a small bar in the middle of the twisties where they seemed to expect us.  After friendly greetings and introductions, we had lunch and watched MotoGP live, complete with screaming fans/patrons and a win by local favorite Valentino Rossi!  The selection of accommodations was diverse and all of them good, with the highlights for us being the B&B close to Siena and the incredible Altarocca Winery Estate.  The list of enjoyable experiences goes on and on…A day in Rome, castle hunting, (including the astounding fortress of Radicofani), the Ducati factory tour, Misano World Circuit and the Ducati Rider Experience, Valentino Rossi’s Club, exploring the extraordinary city of Orvieto, the truly magical “lost city” of Bagnoregio, or the medieval city of Todi. The comradery of the group was really enjoyable, and riding together, at a brisk but safe pace, was a blast.  Great food, remarkable roads, incredible scenery, friendly people, marvelous history, amazing experience!  There are a lot of motorcycle tour companies out there, this is the one that attaches a track experience. It is grand….. Bravi!!”
Justin L.“From start to finish the communication, planning and logistics were absolutely perfect!  I hardly had to think the entire trip because everything was planned out for me.  All I had to do was enjoy the trip of a lifetime.  We got to ride roads, eat in restaurants and stay in places only someone with local knowledge could find. Italy is a gorgeous country with a lot to offer and we got the best of it. The track day at Misano exceeded my expectations.  You got one on one coaching from world champion racers on the nicest track I’ve ever ridden. Enrico and cat wanted to make sure the trip was perfect and they delivered.  The execution was flawless and I can’t wait to do another country with them next year.”
Paul J.Full impression in all things Italian – incredible “locals only” back roads, small Italian villages, unbelievable scenery, and of course the food.  Then when you’re fully intoxicated by desmos and expresso’s, you get to ride the Pantheon of race tracks – Mugello.  Riding a Ducati at Mugello with professional instruction from World champions is simply an incredible experience.
Just twist your wrist and enjoy – Hear The Road and Leod Escapes have thought of everything else for you.
Greg Drevenstedt for Riders Magazine (Excert)“Why should you tour Italy on a motorcycle? Italy will spoil you with its maze of sinuous roads, impress you with ancient ruins, and indulge you with its cuisine… Last June, six other riders and I went on Hear The Road and Leod Motorcycle Escapes’ inaugural “Mugello & Italian Backroads” tour, a 6-day moto-romp through central Italy that included the Ducati Riding Experience, a full day of track riding and instruction on 899 Panigale sportbikes at Autodromo del Mugello, the 3.26-mile, 15-turn circuit nestled in the hills of Tuscany…Tour groups are small, guides are locals and hotels and restaurants are hidden gems.
Although the track day at Mugello set the hook for this tour, it was just one of six full days of riding. By the time we returned to Rome, we had covered nearly 1,000 miles on mostly small, twisty, out-of-the-way roads, and each day brought new highlights and unique experiences.”

Creation of the tour: Associazione Culturale Hear The Road.
Organization and marketing: Hear The Road srl.

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Minimum number of participants: 8

    If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format.

What is included:

  • motorcycle rental with side cases, top case, locks and alarm, plus tubeless puncture repair kit. (For rented bikes a deposit for damage, theft and fire, between of € 1.250 is requested)
    WHAT IS THE DAMAGE SECURITY DEPOSIT ? Each motorcycle has a damage deposit. This amount will be frozen on your credit card, but not cashed. The deposit is your maximum liability for theft or damage to the vehicle. Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover  the damage deposit on your cards.
  • the bike rental prices include costs for public-liability insurance and insurance for any road assistance in case of break-down.
  • ferry tickets: Livorno to Bastia, Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura, Cagliari to Civitavecchia.
  • Ducati Riding Experience at MUGELLO WORLD MOTOGP CIRCUIT.
  • accomodation: 2 nights including breakfast in 3-star hotels in Florence, 8 nights including breakfast in 4-star hotels in the towns where we will stop during the tour, and 1 night on the ferry from Cagliari to Civitavecchia
  • welcome and farewell dinners in Florence.
  • transfer from and to the airport.
  • Italian and American tour leader.
  • courtesy van to pick up and leave the bikes.
  • support van driven by Enrico’s assistant. The van will be carrying a tool-kit for small repairs. You’ll be able to leave your cases (1 suitcase + 1 handbag per person) in the van, as well as any souvenirs you pick up along the way. The van also has a couple of seats that passengers might like to use if they feel they need a little rest from the bikes!
  • a detailed Road-book with all the information you’ll need,  a map with the route well marked, the “Wordless Travel Book”, and a Hear the Road T-shirt.
  • insurance covering most any medical issue during the trip including, doctors, ambulance, hospital and any appropriate family travel.

What is not included:

  • fuel for your motorcycle.
  • tolls on motorways.
  • entrance fees to museums or other sites.
  • gratuities and tips.
  • all meals and beverages, excluded the welcome and farewell dinners in Florence.
  • flights to and from Florence.
  • We also suggest that anyone traveling abroad for one of our Tours consider purchasing  “Travel Insurance”. It can take the worry out of the unexpected situations that can arise in any travel plan. 

Terms of payment:

  • 1.500 € Deposit on reserving a place on the tour. (The deposit is totally refundable in case we don’t reach the minimum number of participants).
  • Balance 60 days before the starting date when the participant gets confirmation.

In case of cancellation:

In case of cancellation: If the participant decides to cancel the tour for whatever reason that does not depend on our organizations, these are the penalties that will incur:

  • up to 60 days prior to the starting date, HTR holds the deposit, that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year;
  • between 59 and 10 days prior to the starting date you lose the deposit. HTR holds the balance that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.
  • from 9 days prior to the starting date you lose 50% of the total amount. HTR holds the remaining 50% that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.

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