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All is good for traveling Italy with Hear The Road
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Tamela R.

Enrico designed the itinerary not to make road warriors of us, but to balance our love of motorcycling with a deep cultural immersion in his native land. I’m not sure whether he likes motorcycling, food, or history more, since he is fluent in all three (and speaks in colloquial American English). His varied interests made him the perfect host as we asked him sometimes-penetrating, sometimes-oddball questions about what we saw, smelled, and experienced: “Was that a Roman aqueduct back there? Are there any active volcanoes in Umbria? How did gnocchi get its name?”

Enjoy the Misano MotoGP with Hear The Road
2022 Misano MotoGP and The Italian Ride


Really enjoyed my Misano gp and Italian ride. Thank you for that 🙏

Proud to keep the rubber side down on Mugello
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Justin L.

From start to finish the communication, planning and logistics were absolutely perfect! I hardly had to think the entire trip because everything was planned out for me. All I had to do was enjoy the trip of a lifetime. We got to ride roads, eat in restaurants and stay in places only someone with local knowledge could find. Italy is a gorgeous country with a lot to offer and we got the best of it. The track day at Misano exceeded my expectations. You got one on one coaching from world champion racers on the nicest track I've ever ridden. Enrico wanted to make sure the trip was perfect and he delivered. The execution was flawless and I can't wait to do another country with them next year. Enrico could give you a tour of a morgue and you'd have fun. He's the kind of guy you want to be around and share wine with. You'll hang on his every word and laugh all day long. His passion for motorcycles is only matched by his passion for his country. You'll learn from him, laugh with him, and be better for it. Don't hesitate, sign up and ride with him you'll be happy you did.

Yes, dinner was very good!
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

John MC M. & Janet C.

Truly spectacular. The tour absolutely exceeded our expectations!!! Beautiful country, wonderful people, awesome history and culture...and did I mention the FOOD! Enrico was fantastic and knowledgeable.

Celebrating another great day with Motorcycle Tours Italy
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Daniel S.

Enrico, I can't thank you enough for the amazing trip and riding, it has been truly amazing. I am glad you have followed your passion and can enliven people to share your beautiful country on two wheels and the breeze blowing through their soul. I definitely heard the road and will be back for more of you amazing hospitality and great humour. A truly amazing and memorable experience Thank you isn't enough, but thank you greatly.

Ride Mugello like an Italian with Motorcycle Tours Italy
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

David B.

After more than 30 years of riding motorcycles of all types here in the United States, I felt certain that I had experienced the best two wheeling had to offer. How fantastic it was to be proven wrong by my recent tour of Italy with Hear The Road! Not only did I see and experience the most epic roads of Italy on an amazing motorcycle, Enrico and his team also provided a guided tour of Italian culture. The sights I saw and the friendships made will remain with me for the rest of my life! If you have the chance, don’t miss out on the truly unique opportunity afforded by Enrico & Hear The Road!

Unexpected encounters
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Trent T.

Last summer was the most amazing vacation I have ever taken. First of all, the planning and organization of the trip was top notch. I truly believe I got to experience Italy in the greatest possible fashion. There is a plethora of tours and choices available to anyone wanting to visit the country. Many of them concentrate on quantity vs the quality of the trip. Enrico Grassi’s focus was certainly 100% quality as we made time to see all the splendors our custom trip offered. His knowledge of all the sites was beyond impressive. It was the perfect blend of Art, culture, food oh an yes the best motorcycle ride I have ever experienced. Even if the motorcycle portion of the trip was removed; I would say our personal tour of all the villages and points of interest was above and beyond all the name brand large scale tours. The quality of the motorcycle trip exceeded my already high expectations. I cannot wait to book another trip with “Hear the Road Motorcycle Tours”. I truly feel like it was more than a vacation. It was life enriching and I sincerely feel like I left there with a new lifelong friend in Enrico Grassi not to mention the best Tour Guide Italy could offer! Looking forward to our next trip!

Clients at Pompei with Motorcycle Tours Italy
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Bob & Joan H.

Waking up to the reflection of the sunrise on the beautiful sea was a great way to start the day. I wondered with great anticipation what our adventure would like on such a beautiful day. After a lovely coffee and a little breakfast it was kick stands up and off we went for a ride around The Amalfi Coast Loop. The weather was perfect and there are no words to describe the beautiful scenery of the coastline. I was so happy to be able to stop a lot for some great photos and to have a look along the way. Lunch was delicious at Marina di Cantonese. With full bellies we sat around the table talking, basking in the sun and gazing at the beautiful sea. Our next stop was Positano for a little shopping. What great fun we had shopping and looking at all that Positano has to offer. After a safe return to our hotel a quick shower was in order before a lovely dinner at Pizzeria Mimi. What an outstanding day!

Hallo Tuscany!
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Victoria Z.

I learned so much from Enrico with his insider’s view of his home country. He shared the history of this amazing place along with the best roads to ride and spots to visit along the way. The après-ride cuisine and wine I enjoyed was authentic and beyond my expectation.

I love the Italian wind
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Dara T.

My husband and I had no idea what to expect on the "Ladies Tour". We were continually impressed day after day with more wonderful food (including one meal cooked by Enrico), beautiful sights, first class lodging, fantastic rides, great new friends (both locals and the fellow riders). Enrico and Italy are forever our friends! Enrico is very warm, very attentive (even remembering our specific food likes or dislikes), very special. He made our vacation the best of a lifetime. And the motorcycles were great! This tour was the best decision!

Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Andrea Stoneback

If you have ever considered renting and riding a motorcycle in Italy, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT HEAR THE ROAD MOTORCYCLE TOURS OF ITALY. Enrico put together an amazing trip, attending to every detail. Our accommodations were outstanding, the routing was off the beaten track yet our stops along the way were carefully selected and provided the needed break as well as an interesting point of interest. The weather was considered on a daily basis and the routes and time of departures were adjusted to allow for an enjoyable and safe day of riding. You will enjoy Enrico’s passion for riding and sharing his love of Italy. Franco was an amazing sweep and stepped up to the leadership position when Enrico had to stay behind and help our friend who needed assistance. WE WERE 100% SATISFIED. JUST DO IT!!

Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Dean M.

The Tuscany and Umbria Tour is the best tours/vacations that I've experienced. Guides Enrico, Fabio and support driver Frank were all very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to spend time with, Enrico's Knowledge of Italy and his selection of excellent riding roads was fantastic as was all the little stops along the way for a rest and coffee at lovely out of the way villages. The accommodation, Restaurants/food were top level. The socialising at the end of the days ride with the rest of the group was something to look forward to, all spiced up of course with Enrico's humor and laughter, made it all an extremely enjoyable and memorable experience, I would thoroughly recommend these tours to anybody.

To be fast on Mugello with Hear The Road
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Brad K.

The Italian Motorcycle Dream Tour was truly a dream come true for us! Great food, great roads, amazing scenery and history, and a track day to boot! Enrico, Cat, and Nancy do an excellent job of putting together the itinerary, even arranging a surprise stop at a small bar in the middle of the twisties where they seemed to expect us. After friendly greetings and introductions, we had lunch and watched MotoGP live, complete with screaming fans/patrons and a win by local favorite Valentino Rossi! The selection of accommodations was diverse and all of them good, with the highlights for us being the B&B close to Siena and the incredible Altarocca Winery Estate. The list of enjoyable experiences goes on and on…A day in Rome, castle hunting, (including the astounding fortress of Radicofani), the Ducati factory tour, Misano World Circuit and the Ducati Rider Experience, Valentino Rossi’s Club, exploring the extraordinary city of Orvieto, the truly magical “lost city” of Bagnoregio, or the medieval city of Todi. The camaraderie of the group was really enjoyable, and riding together, at a brisk but safe pace, was a blast. Great food, remarkable roads, incredible scenery, friendly people, marvelous history, amazing experience! There are a lot of motorcycle tour companies out there, this is the one that attaches a track experience. It is grand….. Bravi!!!

Watch Mugello MotoGP with Motorcycle Tours Italy
Mugello MotoGP and The Italian Ride

John & Ann C.

Enrico is an excellent tour guide. Knows where to stay, what to eat, history of everywhere you travel and most importantly he knows what roads to ride! Can't thank him enough for guiding my ride!

I rode Mugello..Dream comes true!
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Tom C.

If Ernest Hemingway were alive today, he'd be All IN for the Italian Motorcycle Dream with Hear The Road and Leod Escapes. Anyone can get on a plane and be walking through Rome, Bologna or Sienna the next day, but to truly experience Italy, you must embrace the 'possibilities!' Traveling with Enrico and Cat you will motor though small Italian villages with pit stops for delicious espressos and grand vistas. You will re-create your own version of the famous Italian race the Millie Miglia, cresting famous mountain passes with names such as Futa, Raticossa and Muraglione. Enrico sharing unique stories about your current location, farm to table dinners with paired wines and downtime to explore the area at your own pace. Finally, a dedicated day at truly one of the most spectacular racing venues in all of motorports, Autodromo Mugello. You will drive your track-prepped Ducati faster than you have ever gone,video-taped and critiqued by Ducati's own racers and end the day celebrating your success with your fellow travelers over thick cuts of steak and red wine. Just like Ernest would have."

Visit Valentino Rossi hometown with Hear The Road
2022 Misano MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Karl F.

I went with Enrico on his Misano MotoGP and Italian Ride. I can say I had a fantastic time. Enrico has taken a lot of time and not only gotten the big things right, he has taken care of some of the small details as well. I don’t want to give away any details, so you can experience it as I did. Enrico took the time to find great roads to ride on, beautiful places to see and great places to stay. Enrico seems to know the history and what is special about every place you go, he has details to add during your sightseeing to really bring the places alive. But you will not only get to ride some great roads and see some fantastic places, you will get to experience some of Italy especially at the evening meals. I am already planning to book another tour with Enrico, I just need to decide where I want to go next time. The only piece of advice I would give is unless you are a very experienced rider pick a smaller bike than you think because the roads are very tight and twisty which makes them fun, but again unless you are very experienced might be a bit much on a larger bike.

Clients happy with Hear The Road
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

David & Arlene A.

The Tuscany and Umbria tour exceeded our expectations! Pictures alone don’t do it justice. Your jaw will drop at every bend of the road. The scenery is unbelievable and every one of your senses will be stimulated. And while your jaw is open, take the time to shove some porchetta in it. It is “bunga bunga” for your taste buds. You will not be disappointed. You must experience the countryside firsthand, and the best way is by motorcycle. Enrico is a first class guide and host. I can honestly say that the worst part of the tour was coming home. We miss Italy. We miss Enrico! We will be back soon to Hear The Road!

Testimonials Hear The Road
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Janine A. & Robert B.

It was lovely to wake up in the beautiful city of Matera with the rain falling outside. It’s the first time we have seen rain so far and it gives the ancient city a different look altogether. I can’t help but recap last night as we enjoyed yet another incredible feast and I could feel a real sense of pride in our first night in the south, particularly for showing us the best in local and traditional food. I loved the banter between Enrico and our waiter, especially the examples of dialect they were exchanging. This meal was a favourite of mine, with the variety of local vegetables to share amongst us and of course there was the pasta! Incredible. The trattoria was buzzing and Jim even managed to befriend some locals on the table next to us, sampling some strange and exotic cuts of meat. Another slow walk home with Enrico sharing stories, correcting my Italian along the way. I am beginning to love more and more, this slow pace of conversation and strolling each evening.

Italy is history, beautiful roads and sexy bikes
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Tom M.

Overall the tour was AWESOME!!! The idea of coupling a tour with track time at Misano was really appealing to me. My expectations were exceeded in every way. The tour routes were incredibly beautiful, the switchbacks were fun,fun,fun, the food and wine were gourmet by any standard, and Enrico provided a very practical approach to navigating a foreign culture as well as being a sharp-witted comic who kept us laughing.
 The pace was moderate to fast especially on the switchback sections, but I didn’t feel pressured to keep up. On the few wet roads we encountered, I slowed my pace appreciably. We encountered rain a few times but I had brought pull-over rain gear that worked really well. My fellow tour riders were a diverse group but all shared a deep love of motorcycles, riding, racing, and good food and wine. It was an experience that I’ll cherish for ever and I’ll probably bore my non-motorcycle friends with endless tales of Italy and motorcycles.

A little break in a Historical town
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Rosanne & Rich G.

Enrico, we constantly talk about our wonderful trip and want to thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your hospitality and friendship.

When you marry on a motorcycle tour
2022 Misano MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Tori M. and Anna C.

It was a pleasure to ride on your tour again too. Never got to say goodbye and properly thank you. It was the best tour yet! We are still beaming with how well everything turned out. Grazie Mille, Tori Miller

Incredible Italy when you trip with Hear The Road
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Lori P.

Best time EVER!! Motorcycling Italy with Hear The Road Motorcycle Tours Italy. This tour was one of the best decisions my family ever did! Enrico and Fabio were incredibly helpful, the roads Enrico selected were gorgeous, the hotel in Matera is one of my favorite of all time, but the best part was being able to sit and share the journey with the whole group at the end of each evening during the delicious Italian dinners.

Experience Italy with Hear The Road
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Greg D.

Why should you tour Italy on a motorcycle? Italy will spoil you with its maze of sinuous roads, impress you with ancient ruins, and indulge you with its cuisine... Last June, six other riders and I went on Hear The Road inaugural “Mugello & Italian Backroads” tour, a 6-day moto-romp through central Italy that included the Ducati Riding Experience, a full day of track riding and instruction on 899 Panigale sportbikes at Autodromo del Mugello, the 3.26-mile, 15-turn circuit nestled in the hills of Tuscany…Tour groups are small, guides are locals and hotels and restaurants are hidden gems. Although the track day at Mugello set the hook for this tour, it was just one of six full days of riding. By the time we returned to Rome, we had covered nearly 1,000 miles on mostly small, twisty, out-of-the-way roads, and each day brought new highlights and unique experiences. Paul Jones Full impression in all things Italian – incredible “locals only” back roads, small Italian villages, unbelievable scenery, and of course the food. Then when you’re fully intoxicated by desmos and expresso’s, you get to ride the Pantheon of race tracks – Mugello. Riding a Ducati at Mugello with professional instruction from World champions is simply an incredible experience. Just twist your wrist and enjoy – Enrico has thought of everything else for you.

Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Daniel Schifano

“Vrooooom Vroooom” That was the signal. When I heard that I knew it was time to finish up my espresso, and get ready to hop on the bike for another couple hours of the most breathtaking and magnificents roads, and scenery I have had the privilege of riding. Enrico’s personality, passion, knowledge of his countries traditions, history, and roads made this and all of his tours something very special to be a part of. The Riding is something that is hard to put into words. The roads were some of the most intense I have ever been on. Tight turns alongside sheer drops with the beautiful Mediterranean Sea painting the background. They were the kind of roads that had the brand new Harley Ultra Limited that I rented scraping floor boards. Each Day revealed new scenery, foods, vistas, and a new appreciation for Italy and all that it has to offer. In the Words of Enrico “vrooom vrooom” It’s time for the next adventure

Stunning Umbria on two wheels
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Adàn & Millie N.

Este viaje fue una experiencia única, la atención personal de Enrico fue una excepcional fue como sí lo conociéramos de toda la vida. Las rutas y los paisajes son indescriptiblemente hermosos y majestuosos. Todo el viaje fue uno seguro y agradable mi esposo y yo estamos deseosos de volver. De todos los viajes que hemos realizado este fue el mejor. Hear the Road definitivamente supera por mucho a otras compañías. Gracias Enrico por tu atención,, Un abrazo afectuoso desde la isla del Encanto PUERTO RICO!!

A well deserved relax after the beautiful sweeping Tuscany roads
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Roger S.

So you say to your friends “I’m going to Italy to ride a bike….in August….in Tuscany” and the first reaction is…..wow a crowded and hot summer on Italian roads! But let me assure that it’s quite the opposite. Not only did we feel like we had the entire Italian countryside to ourselves, we felt like we were in the best and most hospitable hands and places in the entire country! Granted Italy is a special place, but really much of the credit goes to company founder and tour leader Enrico Grassi. It takes a special skill to know the right road, the right detour, the right coffee shop to make you feel like you are both at home and away, a local and a special visitor and Enrico knows how to push all the right buttons. From total ride time, to road conditions, to excellent views, great restaurants and accommodations, this tour has a little bit of everything! You want to tour Rome and get some history, check! You want to sit back in a piazza and relax over a nice meal and excellent wine, check! You want to haul ass on a nice twisty road with open corner after corner after corner, check! check! check! This was my first time riding in Europe and I don’t regret the tour choice one bit. A great way to whet my appetite and keep me coming back for more! Corsica, Sardinia here we come! Ciao Enrico!!!

Take a shower with Motorcycle Tours Italy
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Kate K.

I, along with my husband and 2 friends from Victoria Australia, were looking for an exciting adventure riding motorbikes through Italy. Enrico and Hear the Road bike tours were our choice and our trip was like non other. We chose our bikes, 2 Ducati's and 2 BMW's, and over 10 days Enrico lead us through some of the most spectacular countryside and into the heart of Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia. It was the finer details that Enrico went to to ensure our trip would be brilliant, from organizing a surprise birthday cake for me, to going for walks on balmy nights to show us some heritage of the different areas. He introduced us to the local culture, we stopped during our ride and learnt about the locations, we met and had coffee with the locals as well. We wanted to avoid the big tourist locations and what we got was magic winding roads, pretty little villages, exceptional accommodation, real gelato, fabulous coffee, swimming in the Mediterranean sea and spectacular cuisines (having wild bore, at a secluded little country kitchen was amazing.) We would highly recommend Enrico and Hear the Road bike tours, the whole experience really was brilliant.

Faboulus Sardinia with Hear The Road
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Craig H & Delwyn Mcc.

Heart, eyes and throttle wide open is the statement for this adventure, and it sure is living up to that!! Beautiful sights, food and of course....the wine!! Busy Rome (note..riding in Rome is not for the faint hearted..) to Montefollonico, Tuscany with gorgeous villages and stunning countryside. Livorno, then on the ferry with the bikes to the incredible French island of Corsica, riding along the Coast - mountains to the sea with plenty of "twistys"... Accommodation and people have been so awesome. Currently now on Italian Island of Sardinia, beautiful beach trip shortly for relaxing day before crossing to the other Coast tomorrow. 6 days riding, approx 1400km on the clock so far, and a few more to go, its hard work but we love it! Craig is missing his Triumph big time...has to ride BMW, is comfy like a Harling though for my butt! We look forward to doing another trip with Enrico, cant get enough of Italy.Ciao Ciao. An incredible journey! CIAO CIAO!!!

Just arrive in the beatiful Isalnd of Sardinia with Hear The Road
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Peter F.

In July 2018, some friends and I travelled from Australia to tour Corsica and Sardinia with Hear the Road. We have all taken organized tours in Europe previously and can say without reservation that Hear the Road was the best we have experienced. Our guide Enrico was fantastic and he not only showed us some of the best roads and destinations you could hope to find, he also delivered a sensational cultural experience of great company, great food and accommodation. Our group are all experienced motorcyclists and enjoy spirited riding and Enrico was great in setting us up to ride at our own pace but also ensured we didn’t get lost or in trouble. I have no hesitation in recommending Hear the Road for a most memorable cultural and motorcycling experience. I am looking forward with great anticipation to my next tour with Enrico.

Walking a narrow street somewhere in the heart of italy
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

David K.

It's been a month since we toured Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia with Hear the Road Motorcycle Tours and we're all still talking about it - sharing pictures and videos to re-live the memory. It was absolutely everything we had hoped for - great accommodation, fine food, some of the most breathtaking countryside in the world to ride through and - above all - a "Bucket List" experience non of us will ever forget. I could not recommend the trip more highly. Well done Enrico.

An unforgettable motorcycle tour in Italy with Hear The Road
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Christine H.

Experiencing Italy via motorcycle is a dream come true; and I can imagine no better experience than being guided by the knowledgeable, personable, and organized team at Hear The Road. The tour was curated beautifully by Enrico whose passions for incredible food, breath-taking scenery, comfortable accommodations, and - most importantly - the best roads to ride, were all expressed in a most luxurious, well-paced, and fun tour experience. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough. I look forward to coming back and riding another part of the country with Hear The Road, again.

Cooking class in Tuscany with Motorcycle Tours Italy
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Ken & Gina B.

My wife and I took the Umbria/Tuscany this August. The tour was fantastic. The other people in the group were great. The accommodations were first class. It was clear Enrico did his homework planning this tour. As this was a motorcycle tour we road motorcycles. The rental bikes were all in good shape and we got exactly what we reserved. Enrico planned into the rides plenty of breaks either to eat, tour a small town or just relax and enjoy the scenery. The riding was invigorating but as Enrico says on his webpage this is not a ride to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The Italians do not ride/drive like Americans and you will be riding like Italians. The riding is often quick paced and often on old Italian roads. Sometimes narrow curvy roads, sometimes cobblestone. Italians lane split and love to pass the vehicles in front of them. If you enjoy spirited riding you will love it. With that said you will never be pressured to ride outside of your comfort zone. Enrico does his best to accommodate everyone. You can ride at your own pace. Often my wife and I would slow down to enjoy the scenery as other riders wanted to ride faster. Enrico would wait for us to catch up further down the road. This was a great trip and my wife and I have been talking about how much fun it was ever since.

When you are satisfy because you are riding with Hear The Road
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Frank A.

Thank my partner for suggesting/pushing me to do a motorcycle tour in Italy and thankfully I picked Hear the Road and the Tuscany, Corsica and Sardegna Tour as it turned out to be one of the best tours/vacations that I've experienced. Guides Enrico, Fabio and support driver Frank were all very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to spend time with, Enrico's Knowledge of Italy and his selection of excellent riding roads was fantastic as was all the little stops along the way for a rest and coffee at lovely out of the way villages. The accommodation, Restaurants/food were top level. The socializing at the end of the days ride with the rest of the group was something to look forward to, all spiced up of course with Enrico's humor and laughter, made it all an extremely enjoyable and memorable experience, I would thoroughly recommend these tours to anybody.

A good glass of wine after a full riding day on the Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

AB Van P. & Shelly M.

Touring with Enrico has been an amazing experience. Right from day one we rode twisted back roads, visited amazing places, and had too much delicious food and wine. We really loved Matera (bring your camera!). The deluxe dinner on secret location was out of this world… only rivaled by the calamari we had in a beach shack. The motorcycles were solid and fun, and so was Enrico’s guiding through Southern Italy.

Tuscany is beautiful with Hear The Road
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Joel K.

My partner and I had been to Italy before, or taken a guided motorcyle tour. We were blown away. Enrico planned every day perfectly. The hotels were top notch, with a true taste of Italian style. We loved our room at Alta Rocca in Orvieto, with a view of the vineyards from our window and balcony. Our stay for three nights at Podera della Strega in Siena was storybook, with breakfasts every morning outside, overlooking the valley and Siena. Our host, Ms. Leticia, was fabulous. The food was marvelous, from the multicourse meal and wine at the resort in Orvieto, to the roadside stops for paninis and cafe. Enrico seems to know all the best roads in Italy. Endless twisties and tornanti (hairpin turns) with breathtaking views. And best of all was the camaraderie of the group. Evening, after evening, of good food and wine with friends. Take one of Enrico's tours. I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Rider toast for a ready to go motorcycle tour in Italy
Mugello MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Don R.

We recently took the Mugello MotoGP and Italian Ride Tour, and it was truly a unique experience. Enrico, Cat, and Nancy were great hosts; Enrico had knowledge of the roads and the great little local places that we stopped at. Cat and Nancy did a wonderful job “herding the cats.” The equipment was all first class and well maintained.  The restaurants were great little places that only the locals knew about, and the accommodations were mostly small, cozy places that were well off the beaten path. There was not a “Chili’s” or a “Holiday Inn” anywhere on the trip. The roads provided some of the best riding ever; plenty of turns and elevation changes, picturesque towns and amazing vistas. The best surprise was how nice all the fellow riders on the trip were; in my experience, it not usual to put 10 strangers together for 8 days and not to have ego issues. This was an excellent group to travel with, and I would be happy to travel with them again. My only regret was that I had not done this much earlier. Enrico, Cat and Nancy had put together a wonderful trip, well worth the price, and I would be happy to travel with them anywhere.

I'm ready to ride Mugello with Hear The Road
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Brian D.

As I start 2019 in Fredericksburg, VA, I am blessed with a relatively warm day and considering a ride. Rain, cold temps and even a little snow on the east coast have reduced the miles I’ve spent on my R1200GS for the last month or so. What I really crave is a ride in the beautiful Tuscan hills on a warm May day with my new riding buddies met on my Hear the Road tour. Generally, I’m a solitary rider because trying to coordinate groups get difficult. When and where will we go? Inevitably, someone is too fast or too slow or gets separated from the group. I prefer both to ride at a good pace AND enjoy the scenery. This is hard to do in a group but I discovered a way in last May’s Hear the Road tour with Erico Grassi. In cooperation with Leod Escape’s Cat McLead, Erico took us on an amazing tour of Tuscany on some of the most brilliant roads I’ve ever ridden. The initial draw on this tour was the track day at Mugello. However, I have to admit that while piloting a Ducati sport bike around the iconic circuit was truly a bucket list item, discovering such beautiful countryside, Italian food/culture and new lifelong friends was absolutely priceless. Thank you, Erico, for showing me how to filter in crazy Roman traffic, teaching me that only tourists order cappuccinos in the afternoon and which pastas are appropriate to order in a particular area. If you force me to recount one precious moment, its hard because there are so many. However, the day we rode up Sambuca Pass is etched in my memory. New motor buddy, Larry and I connected with a fast pace. Never have I ridden on the road harder for as long as we did that day. On a BMW S1000XR, coming out of corners WOT in second gear on the same fabulous roads Ducati and Ferrari test was amazing to say the least. To be able to share the experience made it even better. With that in mind, I’d say that was my take away from the whole vacation. If riding in Italy and doing a track day at Mugello wasn’t the trip of a lifetime, sharing that experience with 13 other close friends made it exponentially better!

You ride only curves with Hear The Road...
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Corey S.

I have done nothing but rave about the trip to numerous people since we’ve returned. Roads were great, places we stayed were great, food was great, track day was incredible and the group got along great…The first night was really a nice surprise overlooking Siena, but the wine resort was also incredible as was staying among the locals over the restaurant. No disappointments regarding the food, outdoor eating, fresh preparation, various wines to taste – raving to people about seeing where stuff was taken out of the garden…As we all know, it’s about the journey, not the destination. We all like going fast so get some of that out of your system, but then enjoy the journey…As a package, it was completely great and I would be happy to recommend this tour to others.

I rode Stelvio Pass with Motorcycle Tours Italy
The Italian Alps and Dolomites

Ken G.

Terrific overnight accommodation, great roads, lots of camaraderie with fellow riders and fantastic food each day.” I didn’t know what to expect since this was my first guided tour. It turned out to be a no hassle experience. The chase van carrying luggage and Enrico took care of all the details.

Craug_Testimonials Motorcycle Tours Italy
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Craig S.

My experience with Hear The Road and Enrico was nothing short of spectacular. From the moment I arrived in Rome till the day I sadly had to leave. Our group bonded almost immediately and I now have lifelong friends. The Italian Dream was just that a dream come true. A riding and culinary delight where you eat and drink at the best local spots. The pace was swift, the roads curvy, and the scenery beautiful. Gracie Mille Enrico. Saluti!

Beautiful landscapes in Southern Italy
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Mike V. & Casey Van De B.

There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about some moment of our tour. I'm glad that we had low numbers in that I appreciated the time that we were able to spend with you. Your passion for Italy is evident and we enjoyed your sharing your knowledge and stories. Hahaha... I'm remembering Franco's Pinocchio (draws his hand down and away from his nose) when he suggests to us that you're telling a 'tall tale'. We really enjoyed the meal with you before the tour, just with Casey and me. Casey and I both appreciated learning how to properly dine though we might need to return for further lessons. ...oops, Casey just brought out some red wine... Italian of course since we're reminiscing. The sea urchin restaurant and the smelly, bad... but surprisingly good ginciana (spelling?)... mmmm The thunder storm out in the sea at Sperlonga... that guy fishing from shore pulling his raft on the string... ...wasn't that the town where you motorbiked with your friend to meet some girls??? hahahaha Also was it Gallipoli where we passed all the oil and gas infrastructure? I remember you mentioned it in a negative way but I was glad to see everything and not just the pretty bits. We enjoyed that you left time for photos at key places along the way. We liked that each hotel was unique and that you guided us to delicious food somewhere nearby. The tour had a stop every hour or 1.5 hours, which is more often than we stop at home but it worked very well. Stopping allowed us all to decompress from the road, and we got to experience life in each little town along the way. You took care to make sure we came down each road in the right direction to enjoy the best view, and pointed out things we should watch for along the way. Before going on the tour, we were a bit nervous about how it would feel to travel with a larger group. We are used to travelling with only 1-2 bikes. It worked out very well, and we enjoyed every second of the tour. The actual riding was fantastic. I get the filtering thing. The riding and scenery were all top notch. Avanti!

Beautiful Corsica Motorcycle Tours Italy
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Kurt P.

This was an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, picturesque scenery, and new experiences around every corner. This was all made possible by the great tour leader , Enrico. Highly recommended!!

A very satisfied client
2022 Misano MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Dave W.

It’s now a week since we arrived back home from the trip to Italy, and iv’e had time to reflect on what was a unique and fantastic trip, which not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I had only ridden outside the UK once before, and that was around 18 years ago in the southwest of the USA on an independent trip with a friend, so I didn’t really have anything to compare the Italy trip with. For me, what made this trip unique was the eclectic mix of people coming from different countries, Italy, India the USA ,with myself and my pal Ian from the UK, and sharing a common love of riding motorcycles. What made it fantastic was the country, Italy is a beautiful country and the route’s ridden were spectacular ‘just like being back in North Yorkshire”. Also the organisation was really slick all the way from pick up at the airport to leaving at the end of the tour. The hotels were great and just the kind of place I would choose if I was travelling with my wife, so that is a compliment! I suppose the main focus of the trip was the Ducati factory visit and the Moto GP at Misano,” wow" what an experience’. The bikes also deserve a mention too, all were recent models, in very good condition, and I think for me the choice of the Ducati 950 Multistrada was spot on, easy to ride, ample power and comfortable riding position for the distances covered. Both Enrico and Cat guided and entertained us throughout the trip with knowledge and humour, much appreciated and many many thanks to both of them. I have and will continue to tell my family and friends how great the trip was, and would suggest to anyone who has ever thrown a leg over a motorcycle to get on one of these tours “Now" and enjoy the ride in what is in my opinion the natural home of motorcycling, and of course, North Yorkshire being a close second! And the cost, well if you love life and motorcycle it’s the best value for money I can think of. Also, don't let your age put you off, I am 68, the oldest on the trip and the riding pace was just right, it was great to feel 21 again! Finally, thank you Nancy for all the work you did leading up to the trip, it was a real pleasure. A very satisfied customer. Dave Wood

We love Ducati...always!
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Mitch & Camelia R.

Best time EVER!! Motorcycling Italy with Hear The Road Motorcycle Tours Italy. I Love Enrico's motto... Hear the Road. Smell the road. Feel the road. Etc!! I tell everyone to smell the beauty!! And you could smell so many different beauties on our trip!! Having an amazing Italian guide made the trip!! Enrico Grassi showed us one amazing thing after another while making us all laugh! Having these two great guides everything was amazing! I can't stop saying AMAZING!! One more amazing...the people we met on our tour where AMAZING!! It was such a fun group! Gorgeous Beauty, great new friends, motorcycles, and best best more amazing then all AND I get to take home with me...

Riding challenging Alps with Hear The Road
The Italian Alps and Dolomites

Dave & Kathy S.

Our tour guide, Enrico Grassi, was born and raised in Rome. He was always sharing his knowledge of his country and teaching us a few words of the Italian language along the way. He is as Italian as they come and had a sense of humor that kept us all laughing! This was a great group of guys to travel with. They were from all over the world....Singapore, Ukraine (now living in Connecticut), Kuwait, California, and North Carolina. Split lane riding along with the hairpin turns required a lot of espresso's and Dave's many years of experience driving. Our BMW we rented was wonderful. Roads of cobblestone and so narrow made this the thrill of riding like we've never experienced! Italian food & wine at beautiful inns and restaurants along the back roads of Italy from Rome to Switzerland and back was a continuous party in our mouths!

Visit Pompei with Motorcycle Tours Italy
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Cheryl & Howard W.

Most amazing trip we have ver done. Food, hotels, scenery, and company. We would not change anything. We would tour with this company always.

A little siesta on the road to Gallipoli
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

John M.

Enrico has a great attitude and very good people skills. I love it when the business owner heads the tour himself – more than just an employee.

Have fun in Itay with Motorcycle Tours Italy!
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Jeffrey F.

If you are looking to ride through Italy, look no further than Hear-The-Road. Personally having never traveled to Italy in my life, I thought what better way to see it than on two-wheels. I was not disappointed. Motoring through some of the most stunning countryside, stopping at quaint villages and towns, Enrico knows the country in a way that maximized the Italian experience. Be ready to be immersed in all things, Italian. The scenery, the wonderful food, the accommodations are all top notch. One of my fondest memories were the frequent stops off-the-beaten path for espresso and biscotto. Enrico is calm, approachable, has a wonderful sense of humor and can answer just about every question imaginable, believe me I tried. Having been on a few motorcycle tours, I would put Hear-The-Road at the top.

Hear The Road Motorcycle Tours Italy
Mugello MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Tori M.

Enrico, will make sure you have a fantastic experience. I hope to have many more tours with him.

Yes, I ride Mugello with Hear The Road
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Tony C.

Thank you for making the tour what it was. It was very noticable that you took the time and effort to approach and connect to each person in the tour. Without you, it would have less spectacular. Honestly has been one of the greates expereinces in my life, and I thank you! First, the tour is beyond anything that I can give justice with my description, but I will try. The tour is perfect for any situation, whether it’s with your friends or with your spouse, the tour is just amazing to share with anyone. The tour offers beautiful breathtaking scenic routes that allow you to truly enjoy riding in the country side. There are parts of the tour where you can get aggressive with your bike and just take full advantage of your bike and the roads. The rest stops throughout tour are perfectly placed and you will instantly want to converse with everyone about how amazing the ride was, but you get your breath taken away by the town you’ve stopped at. It’s more than just riding along the country side of a beautiful country, but you get to walk in the towns. Not only do you get to walk through towns that are older than my country, but you drive through them as if watching some Hollywood action movie. You get to see and enjoy the daily activities of the locals. You get to enjoy something that only Italians get to enjoy every day. And you do this multiple times through the day!!! My favorite part after a wonderful day of riding, is you get to hang out with the locals. Enrico goes above and beyond making you feel right at home. He takes the time to make sure that you are having the time of your life. I’ve to admit the greatest feeling is talking about the ride and have locals approach you as if you are just another Italian enjoying the best of what Italy has to offer. Let’s not forget the food! The tour has been one of the greatest highlights of my life.

unbelievable Civita di Bagnoregio
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Joy M.

Enrico you certainly named this trip correctly...it was magical! I loved the landscape and scenery with all the old castles and medieval towns...the smells of the flowers. The resorts were spectacular and the restaurants delicious. Having an extra day after arrival to catch up with jet lag was perfect and then the midweek rest day helped me keep up with the pace as well. In addition, the truck following the group gave the extra feeling of security and I loved my option of riding in the truck one day. The roads were challenging for me but I DID IT! I have wonderful memories. Thank you for being such a gracious tour leader...you are a fun person. Maybe one day I will ride as well as you...

Ready to tide Mugello Track with Hear The Road
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Gavin & Janet B.

The Italian Dream Tour was spectacular in every way. This trip was perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy riding on twisty roads with a wide variety of gorgeous scenery. Every day was filled with a generous amount of riding combined with stops at amazing locations. The food and carefully selected accommodations at off the beaten path locations made for a true Italian experience. Spending a day riding at Mugello circuit was the ultimate way to turn a fantastic trip into a once in a lifetime memorable event. Janet and I appreciate the fact that this was a well planned and well coordinated event, yet accommodated individual preferences and desires so that it never felt regimented or rigid. his trip is a must for anyone wanting an authentic Italian vacation that reaches into places that are best be appreciated on a motorcycle."

A little ston on the way to Rome with Motorcycle Tours Italy
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Fran O’H.

It is a treat to tour Italy’s best sites and best roads with Enrico. Imagine traveling with a close motorcyclist friend, who has a smile on his face, and knowledge to share all things Italian.

A smile at Mugello track with Motorcycle Tours Italy
The Italian Motorcycle Dream

Paul J.

Full impression in all things Italian – incredible “locals only” back roads, small Italian villages, unbelievable scenery, and of course the food. Then when you’re fully intoxicated by desmos and expresso’s, you get to ride the Pantheon of race tracks – Mugello. Riding a Ducati at Mugello with professional instruction from World champions is simply an incredible experience. Just twist your wrist and enjoy – Hear The Road and Leod Escapes have thought of everything else for you.

ride the stunning Tuscany hills with Hear The Road
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Ginny B.

I had the wonderful experience of riding with Enrico on the Tuscany tour in 2015. I must admit that I was reluctant, having lost my husband 8 months prior and tackling the ride by myself. It became the most memorable experience for me, with absolutely no regrets! Enrico is a wonderful tour guide, along with the most beautiful scenery! So much so, that in July 2018, I did the Tuscany tour again! I will not hesitate to do another tour with Enrico, my friend, as I am aiming at riding the Amalfi Coast with him next!

Amalfi Coast and South of Italy

Joe D.

Absolutely incredible experience. Enrico and Marco put together a great time, great roads and great food. Choice of motorcycles is perfect also. After zipping through the Italian countryside all day, stopping at scenic viewpoints or historic buildings, and an over-the-top lunch, you arrive at your hotel, already checked in, luggage in your room and nothng to do but shower and rest a bit before dinner in an amazing unpretentious incredible local restaurant enjoying outstanding local italian delicacies and wine. Our group was great, we ate, drank and talked of the great time all evening. And then got up and did it again!! Every stop is prefectly planned and smooth. Don't wait, this is the tour you've been looking for.

Resting in a beautiful Tuscan Villa after an intense day ride
2022 Misano MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Ian G.

I don’t think I’ve kept quiet about the trip since I arrived home and have been showing all the photos round from what I took myself and also what the other guys posted up on the WhatsApp group. Firstly, and most importantly for myself were the riding an Italian bike in Italy (which has been on my bucket list for some years now ✔️) and the superb scenery and routes which we were taken on as it would be doubtful we would have found most of these routes ourselves. Also the places we were taken to eat and all the hotels were of a high standard and mostly in idyllic locations. I also very much appreciated the pre work that must go into organising a tour like that from yourself, Cat and Enrico. Everything seemed to have been thought out and taken care of to make sure we had hardly anything to be concerned about and could just enjoy the whole experience. If you are of a like minded disposition of the guys who run and participate in this experience then there is no reason not to do this trip. Yes, it is expensive but you could nowhere near get the same pleasure and life experience by sitting at home and checking out your bank account. Meeting different people from all over the world and seeing how they tick and with a common denominator being the love of motorcycles, travel and Moto GP, what’s not to like ! Cat and Enrico endeavour to give you a fantastic experience and are genuinely into what they do, and they do it very well indeed. I originally saw a tour on similar lines a couple of years ago in “Motorcycle Classics” an American magazine we can sometimes get hold of in the UK and showed the article to my wife who suggested I go and show it to my mate Dave as he might be interested. Anyway, he was and we started a search for other companies that were doing similar things. The requisite for us was that it had to be Italy and we had to ride Italian bikes and if we could take in a Moto GP round it would be an added bonus. Hey presto ! Everything we were looking for was in this tour so we made a decision to book it as it also gave us the correct “gut feeling” that this was the one. There wasn’t just one highlight, it was a continuation of highlights the whole trip from start to finish, seeing new places, riding a Ducati and getting to experience an Italian Moto GP round.Who can complain about getting a wedding thrown in and congratulations again to Anna and Tori with their lovely ceremony at the villa near Siena. I certainly would not hesitate to be a part of another tour.

Riding Sardinia with Hear The Road
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Edward H.

I completed a tour in September with Enrico and several incredible people from around the world. Our tour took us through Tuscany, Corsica, and Sardinia. I came to ride challenging roads which Enrico went above and beyond to find the best gems along our route. He provided all riders the opportunity to run at their own pace which was fantastic. The restaurants and the lodging were all niche spots that allowed us to truly experience Italy, no commercial tourist traps. I can't wait to do another tour with Enrico.

Food is superb when you are in Italy!
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Steward N.

I rode the Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy tour with Enrico in October 2018. I wanted to visit an area of Italy that was not commonly visited and that is the southern part. I rented a Ducati Scrambler for that tour. Given that we went on every back road in the mountains that were Enrico's favorites for riding the Ducati turned out to be a great bike for those twisties. The scenery was memorable. The roads were a lot of fun to ride at Enrico's safe but spirited pace. Enrico always found great restaurants. The hotels were also from very good to exceptional. And we stopped for Italian espressos which are superb. What would I change? Probably a few more stops for photographing the scenes. I would suggest you strongly consider one of his tours for the Italian tour experience by motorcycle.

Riding the dramatic coastline roads of Corsica with Hear The Road
Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia

Jason J.

It was very strange to wake up this morning and not get on the bike for a day of riding. The Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia tour was an incredible experience that I will never forget! Amazing routes, great sightseeing, hotels with incredible views, and excellent food, drink and laughter throughout. Many thanks to our amazing guide and friend, Enrico!

Ride Magical Italy with Hear The Road
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Meghan H.

Sensory Overload. It is the only way to describe this experience. Between the delicious foods, colorful landscape, lyrical Italian language, comfortable beds, views of magnificent proportions and the great smooth Italian back roads my trip to Italy was worth every penny. Enrico Grassi provided a warm, friendly, knowledgeable tour guide on some of the finest roads I have ridden. The roads were well maintained and provided smooth sweeping curves thru woods, long straightaways thru valleys with fantastic views. Central Italy is worth viewing from the back of a motorcycle. Seeing it from books or from a car doesn’t do it justice. The accommodations: Fantastic places with very comfortable beds, BIG fluffy towels, lots of hot water. The hotels had pools and 1 were resort spas. Both of them had views to Siena and Orvieto. I loved every place we stayed but my favorite was the place in Siena (ate breakfast outside under a covered porch with a view of Siena and olive groves). Weather: Clear and temps about 70-80 most days. Had one morning of rain and one down pour on one afternoon but all in all it was clear and a nice temperature to ride. Would I do it again? You bet.”

A beautiful sunset in Puglia Motorcycle Tours Italy
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Joyce Mc H.

This was a FABulous experience for me. Un. For. Gettable. Thirteen of us on ten bikes saw some ah-MAY-zing scenery (a gazillion Amalfi switchbacks, wonderful coastal views), ate delicious local foods, enjoyed wonderful side tours (Pompei, Capri, pasta factory, cheese maker) and stayed in some absolutely jaw-dropping boutique hotels.

Riding the sweeping in Umbria with Hear The Road
Tuscany and Umbria: Heart of Italy

Ronald R.

Realmente me encanto el tour por Italia, donde pudimos recorrer lugares maravillosos por rutas espectaculares de campañas, disfrutando de curvas y de la compañía de nuestro guia Enrico Grassi. Pudimos conocer los lugares tradicionales de Italia, de su comida y costumbres. Ver paisajes maravillosos y disfrutar de un viaje que va quedar marcado en nuestras memorias!

Celebrating a wedding during a Motorcycle Tour
2022 Misano MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Robert M.

Hear the Road & Leod Escapes combine to make the perfect Motorcycle trip into the heart of Italy’s riding roads. This is a partnership of two different companies: one specializes on the backroad tours of Italy; the other focuses on Rides & Track Time. The combination provides the exhilaration of a brisk pace on a scenic serpentine roads, with the views and vistas of the Italian hilltowns, mountains & vineyards. Frequently, the group would split up into Cat’s “fast group”; and Enrico’s touring group. Go with either. We would ride for 20 or 30 minutes and meet up maybe 5 minutes apart. Each group was led, all noses counted, everybody safe & sound, off we’d go again. You could choose which group to be in – each had its advantages. The days were broken into 1 to 1 1/2 hour segments, with a break for local culture – espresso, gelato, panini.... There is no way in the world you could take this tour on your own & cost‐wise it’s a deal. The local knowledge of the region that Enrico shared with all of us, included intricate non‐descript turns that lead us to some of the most scenic
parts of Italy. On
occasion a local 
sportbike rider in full
leathers would blow
through the group & we
would see him at the
next hilltop café in the parking lot with 40 other riders, local & otherwise.
For me this was an education of the Italian Lifestyle, and
an opportunity to hone my riding skills on a bike of my
choice. On challenging roads, I could follow Cat’s line &
comfortably & safely ride faster than I am accustomed
to riding. Lunches & Evenings, we had no language
barrier. Enrico led us to locally‐known restaurants, Agriturismos, and friend’s cabins for local cuisine. Not a tourist in sight. With his repeat business, we were welcomed as friends into each restaurant. Molto bene.
I’ve rented motorcycles abroad before. This time I got the bike I was promised. This time I got the room I was promised. This time I got way more ride than I could imagine.
Arise, ride, eat, ride, arrive (bags already in the room), party, sleep. Repeat.
The planning was perfect; the follow through was flawless, I’ll remember this riding forever.
If this trip isn’t on your bucket list, get a better bucket.
Vroom vroom.

The Champion And Hear The Road
2022 Misano MotoGP and The Italian Ride

Alistair C.

The roads were hands down the best I’ve experienced whilst the “après riding” (sightseeing, wining & dining, personal connections) equally contributed to make the trip highly memorable. Enrico and team were very professional and great fun. I would highly recommend the experience and will definitely be returning myself.

You need a glass of red wine after an unforgettable day ride with Hear The Road
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Ronald H.

Hello y'all from the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. What I loved: Everything, way beyond my expectations, "near perfect"! What I would change: Some of us wanted to ride a little slower to take in the stunning view, others wanted to ride fast. I understand deadlines and you can't please everyone. So once again "near perfect"! Thanks again Enrico, for all you did for us to make this tour a life time memory.

Shopping in Italy with Hear The Road
Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy

Di F.

I have just completed the Amalfi Coast Southern Italy tour. Enrico's attention to detail made this trip outstanding. His passion for Motorbike riding, great food, wine and accommodaton made this trip unforgettable. Thank you Enrico i look forward to another tour next year.

A well deserved rest after a beautiful day in the Italian Alps
The Italian Alps and Dolomites

Tom S.

From the pick up at the airport until the very end of the 10-day ride I was impressed with the organization of the whole experience. The bikes were modern and in very good condition, including tyres. Accommodation was perfect at motorcycle friendly comfortable hotels. The route was well thought out which included two night stays at a couple of places to take advantage of the local roads so a out and back loop could be accomplished in a day, awesome. Our guide Giovanni who was easy going and knowledgeable on all things Italian especially food, wine and coffee – a most important part of riding in Italy! The scenery was spectacular, roads amazing and my bike was Italian. Molto Bene! Overall a great experience, I have already booked the Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia ride with Hear the Road for May 2019. P.S.I'm the one in the middle...