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Luxury Motorcycle Tours: 8 five-star proposals to discover Italy

Luxury motorcycle holidays are the perfect way to travel on-the-road without having to forgo the comfort of a 5-star holiday. An experience that should be had at least once in a lifetime, because it allows you to enjoy your holiday to its fulness, without having to worry about anything else. In Italy, Hear The Road organizes 8 unforgettable luxury motorcycle tours to discover one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

“A whole holiday spent on a motorbike is tiring and uncomfortable.” Anyone who says something of the sort has probably never had a real holiday on a motorcycle. Or at least, not the magical experience of a luxury motorcycle tour. Planned itineraries, organized in every detail; selected hotels and restaurants; expert local guides. This is a very comfortable way to travel because it allows you to truly enjoy all aspects of the place you are touring without having to worry about anything else.

Luxury tours on a motorcycle saddle: an experience that should be had at least once in a lifetime

I personally believe that the benefits of a luxury motorcycle tour are at least four. I’ve already mentioned most of them in brief, but let me go into some detail. This is the only way that I can explain the potential of travelling in a unique, unforgettable way.

Original, tailor-made itineraries

Benefit number 1: travelling on little-known routes. Choosing original roads does not necessarily mean looking for extravagant or unusual things to do; it’s just a different way of seeing beautiful landmarks and monuments. In the best luxury motorcycle tours, the itineraries are tailor-made, and they are designed by people who are passionate about their land and who love motorcycles. In this way, even the most famous place, like the Amalfi Coast or the Sardinian beaches, can be seen under a new, fascinating light.

Carefully selected Hotels and Restaurants

Benefit number 2: the selection of hotels and restaurants. In luxury motorcycle tours, the same care that is applied to creating the itineraries also goes into choosing where to sleep and where to eat. After all, discovering local cuisine in any new country is part of the holiday experience. And to stay safe, it is always a good idea to ask locals for a suggestion.

Lots of different activities without having to worry

Here’s the third benefit of a luxury motorcycle tour: an all-inclusive holiday means you have nothing to worry about. All activities are included in the precise, but relaxed, program. Visiting monuments, entering museums, taking part in local events: everything is programmed ahead of time. The golden rule is that all you have to think about is to enjoy life without any worries.

There’s always someone taking care of you

Benefit number 4: Filling up in Italy might look easy, but at times it can be a real problem! Your guide knows exactly what to do, saving you from losing your temper with self-serving machines that keep spitting out your credit cards or refuse to give you change. Hotel check-ins are fast and simple, rooming lists are ready, and your luggage is already in your room. The support vehicle, which carries a spare bike, transports your luggage from one hotel to the other. The ladies will be particularly happy knowing they can bring an extra pair of favorite heels, and the gents will be pleased to have a well-pressed jacket at the end of the day. And there’s always room on the van for a special souvenir to take home.

Luxury Motorcycle Tours 2022: Hear the Road’s 8 suggestions in Italy

So, after all this talk it’s time to get down to the facts, so here are Hear The Road’s proposals for a motorcycle tour in Italy. Choose the one you like best, and make your dreams come true.

  • Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy. A perfect motorcycle itinerary to discover the iconic Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy. A dream holiday through magical landscapes and the marvelous discovery of small Italian gems.
  • Tuscany and Umbria: heart of Italy. Discover Tuscany and Umbria, the heart of Italy, riding on a motorcycle. From Siena to Orvieto, passing through the areas of Chianti and Maremma, home to tradition, good wine and delicious food, all Made in Italy. Perfect for a two-up ride!
  • Mugello Motogp and the Italian ride. A motorcycle tour along the scenic roads of Central Italy, visiting the Ducati Factory and the Borgo Panigale Museum, with tickets for the Italian MotoGP. Overnight stays in Siena, the Chianti area, Bologna, Florence and Orvieto.
  • Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia. A motorcycle tour through Tuscany, Sardinia and Corsica, between sea and mountain. Sweeping curves and amazing scenery. And the excitement of boarding three different ferries to cross the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Italian Alps and Dolomites. Discover the Alps and Dolomites on a motorcycle, challenging the Stelvio Pass and other 30 exciting mountain crossings. A unique trip, with overnight stays in Bormio, Canazei and Limone sul Garda.
  • Misano Motogp and the Italian ride. A motorcycle tour across Central Italy, through the hills of Lazio, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, with the chance to discover Ducati secrets, and tickets for the MotoGP in Misano.
  • The Italian Motorcycle Dream. A fascinating motorcycle tour travelling along winding roads and through breathtaking scenery, between Corsica and Sardinia, mountains and sea. Plus a special event: a track day on a Ducati Panigale at the Mugello MotoGP Circuit.
  • Amalfi Coast and South of Italy. A long ride through the South of Italy, enjoying its beauty and great food. There is nothing quite like experiencing the Amalfi Coast on a motorcycle. The view of Matera will be a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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