European motorcycle tour: trips and holidays exploring the Old World

Travelling across Europe on a motorcycle is a unique way to discover the natural and artistic wonders of the Old World. A motorcycle tour in Europe allows you to discover amazing roads that cross landscapes which are completely different from any other ones. A European holiday takes you from incredible mountain roads full of twists and turns, to the breathtaking seascapes of coastal routes.

Travelling in the Old World is an experience that should be done at least once in a Lifetime. And to make it even more special you could think of travelling across Europe on a motorcycle. There is nothing more exciting than being on a motorbike and seeing nations steeped in history and beauty, such as France, Germany, Spain, and – above all – Italy. If you have a passion for being on a motorcycle, doing so in Europe will allow you to travel through some of the most memorable scenery you will ever see: turns that wind up and down the Alps and the Dolomites; routes that hug the mountains along the Amalfi Coast – just to give you a couple of examples. In this article I’m going to take you through some of the European Motorcycle Tours that I organize in Italy.

Solo rider or with friends? A guided or do-it-yourself tour? Whatever you decide, travelling through Europe is always great

Let’s start at the beginning. If you are attracted to a Europe tour on a motorcycle, you should start by giving your trip form and shape. There are three main questions you should ask yourself before starting to plan your European tour.

First of all you should think carefully of where you want to go: Europe is a big place and there is no way you can see it all in a couple of weeks, as you might imagine. The best bet it to choose one particular European country and then decide which specific part of it you would like to explore. For example, if you are thinking of Italy, you could decide to travel through Southern Italy or discover the Italian Alps.

Second question: are you going to travel solo or with friends? Choosing to go solo on a holiday in another Continent can be a great adventure, but also a little complicated. It’s easier to deal with language barriers, organization needs and unexpected issues if you travel with at least one friend. If you have nobody to join you on your journey, you could think of opting for an organized tour, which would give you the opportunity of having a local guide and making friends with other bikers like yourself.

This option also answers part of the third question you should ask yourself: would you pick a guided tour or a do-it-yourself one? My personal advice would be to choose the first option, for a simple reason: if you let yourself be guided you can truly get the best out of your experience. In Italy there is a saying that quotes “Il paese è del paesano”, which means that only those who live in a place truly know that place.

Would you like to plan a motorcycle tour in Europe? Now is the moment

Now that your ideas are clearer you can start planning your European motorcycle tour. Travelling across a different continent is never easy, so the best thing to do is to take your time and plan carefully. A 10 to 15 day holiday is actually quite long, so care should be given to making the best decisions. Obviously if you join a guided motorcycle tour you will have a lot less to think about: you wouldn’t need worry about booking hotels, reading up on restaurants, or buying tickets to famous sights in advance.

What you do need to decide is when you would like to travel. There’s no doubt that Europe is beautiful in any season. In Italy, for example, there are all sorts of great activities to do both in Summer or Winter. But, if I have to be honest, the best time to truly enjoy the Old World is either in Spring or Summer, from April through to October. This Is even more true if the country you chose to visit is further South, like Italy, Spain or Portugal.

Tips and tricks for your future European Motorcycle Tour

I’m now going to give you three pieces of brief but essential advice which could be useful for your European Motorcycle Tour. From one biker to another.

Let yourself be led

I know I’ve already mentioned this, but I’m going to say it again: the best way to really appreciate a place that you have never been to, especially on a motorbike, is to join a tour led by a local guide. I say this not because I have been organizing guided tours for many years, but because I have personally witnessed the enthusiasm of so many people when they are told, first hand, from a native, all about the places they are visiting. So, let yourself be led! It’ll be so much better to just enjoy your European holiday and let the local guide do the rest.

Trust the map

New technologies are absolutely great, there’s no doubt. But nothing can substitute the old, trusted paper map. You should always have a map with you when you travel. As a motorcyclist, for me it is such a well-loved tool that I have written a true “ode” of appreciation, which you can read here.

Do your homework and learn about different driving regulations

Holidays on a motorcycle are not like any other kind of holiday, especially if you are doing your own driving. If you are visiting a new country you could come across some small difficulties, despite the fact that the road code is more or less the same the world over. I would advise you, before you set off, to get an idea of the most important regulations, and check out the road signs of the country you will be travelling across.

European motorcycle tour 2022: the eight Italian Tour suggestions from Hear The Road

As a grand finale, here are eight European Motorcycle Tour suggestions organized by Hear The Road in Italy. You will be spoiled for choice!

  • Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy. A perfect motorcycle itinerary to discover the iconic Amalfi Coast and Southern Italy. A dream holiday through magical landscapes and the marvelous discovery of small Italian gems.
  • Tuscany and Umbria: heart of Italy. Discover Tuscany and Umbria, the heart of Italy, riding on a motorcycle. From Siena to Orvieto, passing through the areas of Chianti and Maremma, home to tradition, good wine and delicious food, all Made in Italy. Perfect for a two-up ride!
  • Mugello Motogp and the Italian ride. A motorcycle tour along the scenic roads of Central Italy, visiting the Ducati Factory and the Borgo Panigale Museum, with tickets for the Italian MotoGP. Overnight stays in Siena, the Chianti area, Bologna, Florence and Orvieto.
  • Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia. A motorcycle tour through Tuscany, Sardinia and Corsica, between sea and mountain. Sweeping curves and amazing scenery. And the excitement of boarding three different ferries to cross the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The italian Alps and Dolomites. Discover the Alps and Dolomites on a motorcycle, challenging the Stelvio Pass and other 30 exciting mountain crossings. A unique trip, with overnight stays in Bormio, Canazei and Limone sul Garda.
  • Misano Motogp and the Italian ride. A motorcycle tour across Central Italy, through the hills of Lazio, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, with the chance to discover Ducati secrets, and tickets for the MotoGP in Misano.
  • The Italian motorcycle dream. A fascinating motorcycle tour travelling along winding roads and through breathtaking scenery, between Corsica and Sardinia, mountains and sea. Plus a special event: a track day on a Ducati Panigale at the Mugello MotoGP Circuit.
  • Amalfi Coast and south of italy. A long ride through the South of Italy, enjoying its beauty and great food. There is nothing quite like experiencing the Amalfi Coast on a motorcycle. The view of Matera will be a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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