Magical Italy A “Ladies First” Tour
Motorcycle Tours Italy

26 May - 3 June, 2017

Welcome all Women riders!

This is a fabulous motorcycle adventure customized especially for women riders who want ride the beautiful roads of Tuscany!
Men are welcome as long as they are accompanied by or come as a guest of a woman.

If you are dreaming about an itinerary that combines the enjoyment of beautiful back roads in the heart of Italy, visits to historical Medieval and Renaissance cities full of history… add in a relaxing time in amazing 4-star hotels with many amenities including a Spa. If your answer is yes… then this is a motorcycle tour for you.

The tour includes 2 overnights in the Eternal City of Rome …3 nights in the ‘World Heritage” city of Siena, and 3 nights in the Majestic City of Orvieto. The scenic roads and rolling hills of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio are what connect these amazing cities for 6 days of magnificent riding. Enjoying a lunch or a coffee in small villages along the way will endear you to the rural life and culture that Italy is so famous for.

The tour starts and ends in Rome which allows easy planning to extend your visit to this fabulous city should you want to.

Enrico Grassi, Tour Leader and Founder of Hear the Road has spent many hours discovering the riding routes and the extraordinary hospitality to leave you with a Holiday Adventure you will always remember with a smile.


*Harley-Davidson® models are available upon request!*
Magical Italy In a Glance
> Date/s: 26 May - 3 June, 2017
> Tour Grading:     
> Total Distance: 1115 km – 691 miles
> Riding Days: 5
> Riding Hours per day: 4 – 6
> Longest riding day: 268 km – 166 miles
> Shortest riding day: 99 km – 61 miles
> Free Day: Siena - Orvieto
> Support Vehicle: Yes
> 9 days / 8 nights (5 riding days – 2 rest days)
> Day 1 − “Welcome to Rome”
> Day 2 − Rome to Siena (268 km / 166 miles)
> Day 3 − Chianti loop ride (156 km / 97 miles)
> Day 4 − Free day in Siena
> Day 5 − Siena to Orvieto (206 km / 128 miles)
> Day 6 − Hot Spring loop ride (208 km / 129 miles)
> Day 7 − Visit of Orvieto and Lake Corbara loop ride (99 km / 61 miles)
> Day 8 − Orvieto to Rome (178 km / 110 miles)
> Day 9 − Departure day

Where We Ride – What We See – What We Hear

Day 1 “Welcome to Rome!”
A private car will transfer you from the airport to the hotel where you will find your Hear The Road host Enrico, waiting for you to give you a warm Italian welcome. Late morning/early afternoon arrival is recommended.

After you’ve put your luggage in the room and take a good refreshing shower, we convene in the bar of the hotel for a “meet and greet” with your tour colleagues. Enrico gives you a general briefing of the tour and he will be also very glad to answer to all your questions.

Finally we are ready to go to pick up the bikes and bring them to the hotel garage. Then we go all together to taste the “Welcome Dinner”, where you’ll learn more about what to expect for the next exciting week.
Overnight is in Rome.

Highlights: Meet your bike, Welcome Dinner.

Day 2 – Rome to Siena (268 km / 166 miles)
It’s 9.00 am, Saturday morning, the town is still sleeping. This is the perfect time to leave Rome without having to deal with its traffic. We head north towards Tuscia, an area once inhabited by the Etruscans. This is also one of Italy’s biggest hazelnut grove areas, the small nut that Ferrero magically transforms into the famous Nutella spread.

After a short break for your first good Italian coffee on the road in Ronciglione, we get back on the bikes and ride, first the beautiful coastline roads that run along the shores of Lake Vico and Lake Bolsena, and then the scenic backroads of Val D’Orcia – a UNESCO World Heritage site. We arrive in Radicofani where we stop for lunch. Radicofani is a stunning Orange Flag awarded town (The Orange Flag Award was an idea formed by the Italian Touring Club in 1998 with the aim of promoting tourism in lesser known places in Italy) which surrounds the base of a hill on which the majestic fortress has stood since 973AD.

On the way to Siena we visit the tiny village of Bagno Vignoni, another fantastic little medieval village with its characteristic piazza boasting an enormous 16th-Century thermal bathtub is truly fascinating!Your first dinner in Siena is courtesy of Hear the Road…you will be pampered by the delicious dinner that Mrs. Letizia, proprietor of the lovely 16th century Inn has prepared for you to celebrate your first riding day in Magical Italy.
Overnight is in Siena. (The hotel has a swimming pool).

Highlights: Tuscia Viterbese, Ronciglione, Val D’Orcia, Radicofani, Bagno Vignoni.

Day 3 – Siena to Siena – Chianti loop (156 km / 97 miles)
Are you ready to be blown away by the roads of Tuscany? Spectacular landscapes, art, first-class food and wine! In the first part of the morning we head north riding on roads that are a true paradise for motorcyclists: wide bends, scenic stretches of asphalt, incredible landscapes, miles of vineyards, and dozens of stately villas.

Our first stop is the gorgeous hilltown of San Gimignano, a splendorous Medieval atmosphere enwrapped by its 13th-Century wall, also known as “la città delle torri” (the city of towers). “A masterpiece of creative human genius, it is unique testimony to a past civilization, and as an exceptional exemplar of both architectonic complex and landscape, demonstrates significant passages in human history.” It is for such qualities that San Gimignano earned its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990.

Back on the bikes we still cruise the beautiful off-beaten small roads of the Chianti Region heading north to Greve in Chianti, the birthplace of Giovanni da Verrazzano, the famous Italian explorer who first sailed into New York Bay. A good panino, stuffed with the local prosciutto and cheese, at the Macelleria Falorni is a must!

Back in the saddle we head south to Siena, for more exciting kilometers along the sweeping roads of Chianti. Yes today is a day that you’ll will remember fondly when you are back home!
Overnight is in Siena.

Highlights: San Gimignano, Chianti, Greve in Chianti.

Day 4 – Free day in Siena
There is so much to see and do in Siena, so we chose this as our ‘Free’ day, where you can visit Siena on your own. There are lots of historic buildings to visit as well as some wonderful shopping, Italian style! For those who prefer to ride, we’ve organized an afternoon ride led by Enrico that leaves from and returns to our hotel in Siena.
Overnight is in Siena.

Highlights: Siena at your pleasure.

Day 5 – Siena to Orvieto (206 km / 128 miles)
We leave Siena heading south towards the Crete Senesi, famous for its stunning moonscape. After a short break in the little medieval village of San Giovanni d’Asso, we continue on to the beautiful city of Pienza, considered to be the incarnation of a Renaissance utopia and an ideal city. Having obtained recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, today it continues to show off to the world its refined and sophisticated Renaissance urban plan. Its spaces and perspective into its 15th-Century “piazze and palazzo” are organized according to the era’s ideals of rationality and humanism.

After lunch we saddle up again for a fantastic plunge on the winding roads of the “Green Umbria”, heading towards Orvieto where we’ll spend the next 3 nights…Just to finish the day in the best possible way, we’ll experience a classic “Umbrian Tasting Dinner”, washed down with local wines that the hotel produces from the vineyards that surround it.
Overnight is in Orvieto. (The hotel in Orvieto has spectacular ‘spa’ amenities such as, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a spa with whirlpool swimming pool, Turkish bath, and sauna.) Getting pampered is all part of the experience!

Highlights: Crete Senesi, San Giovanni d’Asso, Pienza, Città della Pieve.

Day 6 – Orvieto to Orvieto – Hot Spring Loop (208 km / 129 miles)
Today is a day that we can call a relaxing day! From Orvieto we head West towards Pitigliano where we stop briefly to take in the sights of this beautiful walled-village, characterized by its parapets, ceramic tile roofs and multi-tiered buildings, perched on layers of red volcanic tufo stone.

Back on the bikes we ride the scenic roads of the Maremma Toscana, – land of the “butteri” (the typical local cowboy) and brigands – where each town and village boast origins lost in the mists of time, and then we reach the Terme di Saturnia (Saturnia Spa), where we spend a big part of the day immersed in the hot spring waters.
On the way back to Orvieto we challenge again the scenic and surprising roads in the heart of Italy!
Overnight is in Orvieto.

Highlights: Pitigliano, Saturnia Spa, San Casciano Bagni.

Day 7 – Orvieto to Orvieto – Visit of Orvieto and Lake Corbara Loop (99 km / 61 miles)
We spend the morning visiting Orvieto and then after lunch we ride the scenic roads that meander around Lake Corbara.

On the way, we visit the little hamlet of Prodo, with its wonderful square facing the Tiber Valley. Then, we continue on to Todi, which is remarkable for its historical and artistic heritage.
Overnight in Orvieto.

Highlights: Orvieto, Prodo, Todi, Lake Corbara

Day 8 – Orvieto to Rome ( 178 km / 110 miles)
It may be our last riding day, back to Rome, but certainly not the least, memorable day as we ride along some of the best roads of Umbria and Lazio. Our first stop is Civita di Bagnoregio, an enchanted town, which is slowly dying, perched as if by magic, on a rock of tufo.

After a lovely lunch in Vignanello we continue on towards Rome. Once back in town we return our bikes, freshen up at the hotel and enjoy one more fabulous Italian dinner celebrating our fantastic week of riding and enjoying the roads and the culture of Italy, courtesy of Hear the Road.
Overnight in Rome.

Highlights: Civita di Bagnoregio, Vignanello, Farewell Dinner.

Day 9 – Departure day
Time to say “Arrivederci”! Pack your bags and shop for any last minute souvenirs. After breakfast, guests will be transferred to the airport per their departure schedule.





Art / History


Food / Wine


2017 Prices

*Motorcycle Models Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
Rider in Shared Room Rider in Single Room Couple
Motorcycle Class 1
BMW G650 GS – BMW F700 GS – BMW F800 R
€ 3.860 € 4.300 € 6.440
Motorcycle Class 2
€ 3.950 € 4.390 € 6.530
Motorcycle Class 3
€ 4.060 € 4.500 € 6.640
Motorcycle Class 4
BMW S1000 XR – BMW R1200 RT - BMW R1200 GS ADV
€ 4.140 € 4.580 € 6.720
Motorcycle Class 5
€ 4.210 € 4.650 € 6.790
Motorcycle Class 6
€ 4.280 € 4.720 € 6.860
Own Motorcycle
€ 3.110 € 3.550 € 5.690

*Rented Motorcycle Subject to Availability

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Megan H.

“Sensory Overload. It is the only way to describe this experience. Between the delicious foods, colorful landscape, lyrical Italian language, comfortable beds, views of magnificent proportions and the great smooth Italian back roads my trip to Italy was worth every penny. Enrico Grassi provided a warm, friendly, knowledgeable tour guide on some of the finest roads I have ridden.
The roads were well maintained and provided smooth sweeping curves thru woods, long straightaways thru valleys with fantastic views. Central Italy is worth viewing from the back of a motorcycle. Seeing it from books or from a car doesn’t do it justice.
The accommodations: Fantastic places with very comfortable beds, BIG fluffy towels, lots of hot water. The hotels had pools and 1 were resort spas. Both of them had views to Siena and Orvieto. I loved every place we stayed but my favorite was the place in Siena (ate breakfast outside under a covered porch with a view of Siena and olive groves).
Weather: Clear and temps about 70-80 most days. Had one morning of rain and one down pour on one afternoon but all in all it was clear and a nice temperature to ride.
Would I do it again? You bet.”

Christin H.

“Experiencing Italy via motorcycle is a dream come true; and I can imagine no better experience than being guided by the knowledgeable, personable, and organized team at Hear The Road. The tour was curated beautifully by Enrico whose passions for incredible food, breath-taking scenery, comfortable accommodations, and – most importantly – the best roads to ride, were all expressed in a most luxurious, well-paced, and fun tour experience. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough. I look forward to coming back and riding another part of the country with Hear The Road, again.”

Tamela R.

“Enrico designed the itinerary not to make road warriors of us, but to balance our love of motorcycling with a deep cultural immersion in his native land. I’m not sure whether he likes motorcycling, food, or history more, since he is fluent in all three (and speaks in colloquial American English). His varied interests made him the perfect host as we asked him sometimes-penetrating, sometimes-oddball questions about what we saw, smelled, and experienced: “Was that a Roman aqueduct back there? Are there any active volcanoes in Umbria? How did gnocchi get its name?”

Joy M.

“Enrico you certainly named this trip correctly…it was magical! I loved the landscape and scenery with all the old castles and medieval towns…the smells of the flowers. The resorts were spectacular and the restaurants delicious. Having an extra day after arrival to catch up with jet lag was perfect and then the midweek rest day helped me keep up with the pace as well. In addition, the truck following the group gave the extra feeling of security and I loved my option of riding in the truck one day. The roads were challenging for me but I DID IT! I have wonderful memories. Thank you for being such a gracious tour leader…you are a fun person. Maybe one day I will ride as well as you…”

Creation of the tour: Associazione Culturale Hear The Road.
Organization and marketing: Hear The Road srl.


Minimum number of participants: 8
Maximum number of participants: 12

If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format.

What is included

  • only for those who have decided to rent their bike through usmotorcycle rental with side cases, top case, locks and alarm. (For rented bikes a deposit for damage, theft, and fire between € 1.500 and € 3.000 is requested, depending on the chosen model)
    WHAT IS THE DAMAGE SECURITY DEPOSIT ? Each motorcycle has a damage deposit. This amount will be frozen on your credit card, but not cashed. The deposit is your maximum liability for theft or damage to the vehicle. Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover  the damage deposit on your cards.
  • the bike rental prices include costs for public-liability insurance and insurance for any road assistance in case of break-down.
  • welcome and farewell dinners in Rome plus 2 dinners that we are glad to offer during the trip
  • accomodation: 2 nights including breakfast in 4-star hotel in Rome, 3 nights including breakfast in 4-star hotel in Siena, 3 nights including breakfast in 4-star hotels in Orvieto.
  • transfer from and to the airport.
  • Italian tour leaders.
  • courtesy van to pick up and leave the bikes.
  • support van. The van will be carrying a tool-kit for small repairs. You’ll be able to leave your cases (1 suitcase + 1 handbag per person) in the van, as well as any souvenirs you pick up along the way. The van also has a couple of seats that passengers might like to use if they feel they need a little rest from the bikes!
  • a detailed Road-book with all the information you’ll need; a map of Central Italy; the “Wordless Travel Book”, a courtesy mobile phone with 10 euros of credit and a Hear the Road T-shirt.
  • insurance covering most any medical issue during the trip including, doctors, ambulance, hospital and any appropriate family travel.

What is not included:

  • fuel for your motorcycle.
  • tolls on motorways.
  • entrance fees to museums or other sites.
  • gratuities and tips.
  • all meals except for the welcome and farewell dinners, and for other 2 dinners that will provide by the organization.
  • all beverages.
  • flights to and from Rome.

We also suggest that anyone traveling abroad for one of our Tours consider purchasing  “Travel Insurance”. It can take the worry out of the unexpected situations that can arise in any travel plan. 

Terms of payment:

  • 800 € Deposit, to be paid, on reserving a place on the tour.
    (The deposit is totally refundable in case we don’t reach the minimum number of participants).
  • Balance, to be paid, 60 days before the starting date when you get confirmation from HEAR THE ROAD.

In case of cancellation:

If you decide to cancel the tour for whatever reason that does not depend on HEAR THE ROAD, these are the penalties that will incur:

  • up to 60 days prior to the starting date, HTR holds the deposit, that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year;
  • between 59 and 10 days prior to the starting date you lose the deposit. HTR holds the balance that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.
  • from 9 days prior to the starting date you lose 50% of the total amount. HTR holds the remaining 50% that you can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.

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