Great Motorcycle Tours Italy for true passionate bikers!


Throttle, heart, and eyes wide open

11 days / 10 nights (8 riding days – 1 rest day) 2.136 km / 1.324 miles

12 days / 11 nights  (9 riding days – 1 rest day) 2.310 km / 1.448 miles

8 days / 7 nights (5 riding days – 1 rest day)
939 km / 582 miles

 9 days / 8 nights  (5 riding days – 1 Track day with Ducati Instructors at Misano )
1.264 km / 784 miles

9 days / 8 nights  (5 riding days – 2 rest days) 826 km / 514 miles

Motorcycle Tours Italy: on a motorcycle, with throttle, heart, and eyes wide open!


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Italy is place to visit at least once in your life.
Beautiful Renaissance cities, tiny Medieval hamlets, rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, ancient volcanic lakes, sandy beaches, great food. Can a vacation get any better?

Hear The Road – Motorcycle Tours Italy believes it can: add scenic roads and a motorcycle to the equation, and the result is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Hear The Road – Motorcycle Tours Italy offers small groups of motorcyclists a variety of itineraries along spectacular roads, off the beaten track, that will allow you to explore Italy from a different point of view, where all your senses come alive.


T O U R   O P T I O N S



If you like one of our Guided Tours, but would prefer different dates, or want to ride alone or with close friends, Hear The Road is happy to organize a self guided tour, suggesting the best itineraries, places where you might  like to stop, booking 4-star accommodation, and recommending great restaurants.



For those of you who want to choose the length and timing of your vacation or ride only in the company of close friends, we will be happy to organize a Tailored Tour that will best suit you in terms of number of days, distance, itneraries, hotels, restaurants and things you would like to see or do.


Last summer was the most amazing vacation we have ever taken. First of all, the planning and organization of the trip was top notch. I truly believe we got to experience Italy in the greatest possible fashion. 

Trent Thompson and Key Gloria Segura

who joined The Scenic Roads of Central Italy with a BMW R1200 R

Sensory Overload. It is the only way to describe this experience. Between the delicious foods, colorful landscape, lyrical Italian language, views of magnificent proportions and the great smooth Italian back roads my trip to Italy was worth every penny.

Meghan Hurley

who joined The Magical Italy Tour with a BMW F700 GS


11 days / 10 nights (8 riding days)
Distance 2.136 km – 1.324 miles
5th to 15th October

Nine riding days on the beautiful roads of Southern Italy! Fall in love with the colours and the fragrances of the Costiera Amalfitana; ride the Italian “coast to coast” from Campania to Puglia; return to Rome along the dramatic back roads of the Abruzzese Pennines; visit historical venues such as Pompei and Matera.
The tour starts and ends in Rome.

The Heart of Italy

8 days / 7 nights (5 riding days)
Distance 939 km – 582 miles
19th to 26th August

Five full riding days challenging the back-roads of Central Italy, visiting Orvieto, Pienza and Assisi, plus one rest-day where the challenge is to cook the best Italian dish you have ever cooked in your life! But also time to relax in the hot waters of the Saturnia Springs.
The tour starts and ends in Rome.

a “Ladies First” Tour

9 days / 8 nights (5 riding days)
Distance 800 km – 495 miles
22nd to 30th September

From the scenic roads of “Green Umbria,” to the Renaissance atmosphere you’ll feel while riding on the gentle roads of the Tuscan hills, to the truly Italian rural life that still keeps old traditions alive in the heart of Italy, the variety of locales will give you a taste of the culture for which Italy is known.
The tour starts and ends in Rome.


12 days / 11 nights 
Distance 2.310 km – 1432 miles
18th to 29th JULY

Challenging and conquering the Alps and the Dolomites is the dream of every motorcycle rider. The Stelvio, The Gavia, The Mortirolo, The Fedaia and The Giau will be committed to your memory for a very long time! Charming alpine villages will be your resting places, where you can enjoy delicious local food and wine, while recapping your incredible day with friends.
The Tour starts and ends in Rome.


9 days / 8 nights ( 5 riding days and 1 Track day with Ducati Instructor at Misano)
Distance 1.264 km – 784 miles
3rd to 11th JUNE

Five fantastic riding days along the Italian back roads, a visit to the Ducati Museum, plus 1 day at the Mugello with Ducati Racing Instructors teaching you the lines and improving your skills!  The endless curves, the historical towns, the high mountain passes, the quaint little hotels, the food and wine, yes this is Italy!
The Tour starts and ends in Rome.

Hear The Road is proud to collaborate with Blue Strada Tours and its owner Bill Kniegge, that specialized in motorcycle tours in and around the mountains of
North Carolina.
Bill knows Italy very well, and has experienced Italy’s scenic, beautiful roads several times over the years, so if you need more info you can call him at 704-292-8801, and he will start to lead you on the Italian roads even over the phone.

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